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Top 10 Hottest Kitchen Design Trends in 2018

Having a spacious kitchen with all the features required is a dream of everyone. As we continue with the series of generations, modern and classic designs, have continued to emerge. It is clear that no one wants to be left behind by all these upcoming styles.

Hygiene and cleanliness start from the kitchen. That’s why it is good to design your kitchen in a way easier to keep sparkling all the time. Following are ten future kitchen designs that constructors are working on to ensure that their clients get the best results ever.

1 Two-toned kitchen

Imagine entering into your kitchen every time, and all you can notice is the blended paint colors that bring an expression of beauty. As we start the year 2018, so many surprises have not been unwrapped yet when it comes to the appearances of modern kitchens. The future colors trending in this year range from oak, charcoals, natural neutrals, and petrol-green. The key color selection is the exotic shades, bold and vibrant colors such as intense tonalities, deep blue or dark.

For the warm natural selection and two-toned kitchen, clay, henna, gold, and copper are becoming popular choices for this coming season.

2 Colorful appliances

Do not make your kitchen a boring place anymore with all those old, colorless kitchen appliances. This coming season is loaded with colorful kitchen appliances that brighten your kitchen to another level. Go out there and visit any kitchenware store, and for sure you will get confused what to carry and what to leave behind.

You will find colorful kitchenware that will make your kitchen beautiful and lively, starting from the sink to the oven grills, stoves and many more. Be creative, innovative and make your kitchen shine.

3 Quartz countertops

Quartz is known for its durability. It is beautiful, attractive and suitable for your kitchen. Quartz provides an impressive color which comes in white, gray hues and black. The fame of quartz countertops has spread worldwide, and a lot of people are looking forward to remodeling their kitchen to this modern design.

4 Dark-colored kitchens

It is not guaranteed for a kitchen to have an appealing display only in bright colors. Dark colors have been trending, but despite that, this design is going with the generation coming up each season. 2018 is here, and painting your kitchen in dark colors is still stylish though a little change is done. A dark colored kitchen offers a visually pleasing appearance and classic color contrast that levels the kitchen to a high-tech lifestyle.

5 Led lighting

Led lights have been used in other places. Now they are here to make your kitchen appear great and give the room a cool temperature. They produce less heat, and they are power saving. The lighting solution is seen to be used in this coming season for a trendier design. The department of energy has backed up the use of led lights in the kitchen room.

They are long-lasting, saving your pocket the pinch of getting more money. It is now another season, and everything is changing to a more classic level. Do not be left behind by this because you deserve the best. 2018 has arrived, and it is brighter than you expect. Use led light and experience the joy of designing your kitchen stylishly.

6 Trendy kitchen cabinets

A properly designed kitchen is expected to have modern materials and finishes which are durable and trending. These contemporary additions make your kitchen room appear classic. So, do not be left behind with the old-fashioned cabinets.

The designers who have specialized in this sector have been thinking outside the box, and they are turning kitchens from that upcountry design to a modern high-tech kitchen. This is just the beginning of great things; more models are on the way that will blow everyone’s mind.

7 Granite kitchen countertops

Granite has been listed the top of the list of 2018 kitchen countertops due to its durability. It is naturally amazing and does not chip off neither does it get cracks. During cooking, many people find themselves placing a hot pot on the countertop which can bring damages.

With granite in your kitchen, you will not damage the countertop with the hot pot because it is naturally durable to hold hot stuff placed on it. If there are spills on the counter, it is easy to wipe, and no stains will be left behind.

8 Instant pots

Instant pots are the kitchen appliances that most people have realized how beneficial they are. The pot can be used for cooking different meals. Having fewer items in your kitchen is a trending style in 2018.

Do not store so many kitchen appliances; that will make the appearance so jumbled and disorganized. You will just require some kitchenware that will serve multiple purposes. Make sure that they are classy and colorful.

9 Transitional designed kitchens

This is one of the best design trends in 2018. It offers the best variety of materials and textures, and it includes an original mixture of vintage, classic, and contemporary design elements.

This style gives the user the chance of expression by just playing with materials and finishes that are used to bring the transitional kitchen to life.

10 Marble kitchen countertops

For any classic or luxurious house, this is perfect kitchen countertops. The material is functional and durable. Marble colors are amazing which gives the kitchen a lively atmosphere. Have you been searching the right countertops for your luxurious kitchen? Your search is over because marble kitchen countertops are the best. They are expected to trend in 2018.

The beauty of your kitchen is founded on your choice. So, make the right one by bringing unique, classy, durable and colorful materials to accomplish your dream. Make sure not to stain the precious countertops. Marble countertops reaction to the temperature is not bad at all.