Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

We work to spend our time in something beneficial, to get money and to be able to live a decent life. Some of those who look for a job care about the money that they will get more than the field in which they will work, although it is very important when you search for a job to care about the qualifications and the abilities that are required for the job that you want and if you are qualified enough to get such a job or not.

Jobs differ from each other in the requirements that they need and the salaries that are offered. The salary that you will get is determined by the knowledge that you have, the skills, the number of hours that you work and years of experience. In some jobs, you will need more than 10 years for training to finally have the experience that qualifies you to work efficiently.

To help you to know more about the highest salaries that are paid and the requirements of the best jobs, we present to you the 10 highest paying jobs in the world  and their salaries. You can find that the salaries vary from one country to another, but these jobs are the highest ones through which you can get the highest salaries. They differ in the number of years that are required for being qualified, the number of hours that you spend doing your work, the duties and the knowledge that you possess.

1- Surgeons $181,850 : There are many specialties in the medical field and all of those who work in this field get high salaries, but surgeons are the highest paid not only in the medical field, but also in the whole world as they get $181,850. The high salary may come as a result of the nature of work which is very hard. Surgeons work for a long time, they are responsible for many lives and are required to be highly qualified and get a college degree. They need about 15 years of training to gain experience.

Surgeons_at_Work Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

2-Chief executive officer(CEO) $140,890 : CEO is the highest paid in an organization or company. The duties include being responsible for managing the whole operations in an organization and achieving progress. There are CEOs who manage organizations without getting a college degree, but it will be better to get a college degree to increase your opportunities.

CEO Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

3- Engineering managers $140,210 : They need about 7 years for training and gaining experience. They plan, design and execute projects.

adam-gryglak-lead-engineering-manager-for-fords Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

4- Airline pilots $134,090: They are responsible for flying planes and transmitting people on board of the plane safely to their destination. There are many criteria on which choosing pilots is based. They need to get a college degree and to train for about 10 years.

pilot-in-uniform Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

5- Dentists $132,702 : They need about 8 years for training and being experienced. The highest paid dentists are those who work as oral surgeons.

dentist Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

6- Lawyers $110,600 : They are necessary in all countries to get people’s rights and defend them. They need many skills to be able to succeed in their career.

4-lawyers-in-FRC-office-1 Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

7- Air traffic controller $100,500 : An air traffic controller is responsible for the safety of airplanes on the runway and in the air by being connected with the pilots on the planes. They need about 9 years to be trained.

airtraffic Top 10 Highest Jobs Income
8- Computer and information systems manager $100,222 : Computers are widely used in these days everywhere so there is a need for computer managers. They are responsible for managing information systems department at any company.

Computer_and_Information_System_Managers Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

9- Marketing manager $100,100 : Marketing manager is the one whose duty is to plan for marketing by all means to achieve the highest profits and revenues for the company. About six years are needed for training and being qualified to get such a job.

marketing Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

10- Natural science managers $97,600 : They need about six years to be trained. They work as supervisors and consultants in the field of scientific researches that are related to natural science. They are highly needed in the countries that give a special care to researches.

Natural-Sciences-Manager Top 10 Highest Jobs Income

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