Top 10 Graduation Speeches That Will Motivate You

Commencements speeches are meant to make graduates, whether in school or college, realize that they are in the forking path of plethora of choices ahead of them. Choosing the best of these choices is as important as being at your best while you are taking action. Read the gist of these speeches and pick your favorite to watch it later on You Tube.

10 Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos is the founder of the widest bookstore on the internet, Amazon. His speech at Princeton University tried to show the graduates the difference between what is given to us as a blessing and what we choose to do. He motivates his audience to make the choices they would love to tell themselves 40 years later from now that they were motivated enough in their youth to make.

9 Cory Booker‘s

Cory Booker is the mayor of Newark. He speaks about hard work in his commencement speech in Stanford University. He motivates his audience to follow their commencement with hard work.

8 Meryl Streep‘s

Meryl Streep in Bernard University gave a speech to female graduates. She touched the issue of gender freely. Streep saw that women are able to make it in the modern day more than any time in the past, and she pushed ladies to spread their knowledge and share their success with others.

7 Foster Wallace‘s

The late David Foster Wallace was a novelist and English professor. Speaking for Kenyon College graduates, Wallace loves to give them innovative words of wisdom. He told his audience that the way they understand their experiences depends on the way they think about it.

6 Oprah Winfrey‘s

Winfrey‘s Stanford commencement speech is a hit, in which she spoke about the possibilities of learning. Are they in school or university classes, in online courses or between the bindings of books? Winfrey sees that everyday situations offer plethora of chances to learn and change.

5 Tim Cook‘s

At Auburn University, Tim Cook spoke about how he was able to make it as the chief executive officer of Apple. To do this, Cook made a balance between intuition and life plans, which to follow? Intuition disrupts plans. His plans never had Apple in them; however, it is the best decision he ever made as he told the university graduates.

4 J.K. Rowling‘s

At Harvard University, Rowling connects her personal failure with her successful career. Rowling believes that the failure of her marriage and in career in her youth which made her the woman she is today.

3 Barack Obama‘s

In Booker Washington High school, president Obama motivated students to go on in their education whatever hardships they might face. This high school received the president for winning the top commencement challenge in 2011 of 4 billion dollars. Obama induces students to push themselves to ask for more as long as they live.

2 Randy Pausch‘s

Achieving Your Childhood Dreams was the title of Randy Pausch‘s lecture in Carnegie Mellon. Inflicted with pancreatic cancer, Pausch did not have much time on earth. He spoke to his audience about the necessity of following our inspirations and using our lives to make them come true.

1 Steve Jobs

In Stanford University, Jobs spoke about three things; life, death and love. In his life, Jobs dropped out of college and started his company in his garage. At that time he could not see where the dots of his life were taking him. He motivated his audience to go on their life knowing that these dots are connecting backward. The second hub of his speech revolved around loving what we do. “Do not settle till you find your passion.” Jobs said. The third advice was doing your best in life since our time is limited and we will soon be swept away.

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