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50+ Funniest Wedding Cake Toppers That’ll Make You Smile [Pictures] …

You cannot think of your Big day without a wedding cake. Now, while choosing the layout of the wedding cake, who has given this oath that it should be a traditional cake with images of a lovely bride and groom along with some beautiful flowers? Think of something funny that will make the wedding cake looks luxurious and hilarious and your guests feel happy. These funny Wedding Cake toppers can be chosen keeping in mind your personality and choice. Why just be serious on this day, enjoy and laugh out when you tie yourself to the new bond.

10 Game Over:

If the man loves to play video games and spends time playing them then choose a cake topper that will show the bride carrying away the Groom from his video games. Keep the name of a famous video game, like ‘call of Duty’ there. The man will surely be amused. His lazy days in front of screen with chips and a mug of beer are over!

9 Partied Too Hard:

If the couple loves partying then what can be better than a funny Wedding cake that has figure of the couples who have had party and let their day went out with a bottle of Champagne in hand?

8 Peas in a Pod:

For a couple who enjoys being together and is interdependent on each other, a cake adorned with two peas inside a Pod is best way to show their relationship.

7 Runaway Brides:

Although no one will prefer that his bride runs away but a little fun can always be tempting. Have a cake where the bride is running away and the groom is holding back her by keeping his feet on the gown. Just to add some fun to the event.

6 Under Ball and Chain:

Nobody admits but everyone knows that after marriage the key of the husband is in the hands of the wife. Why not have your cake with a topper that shows the man shackled in iron balls with the bride holding the key to it. She is definitely the key to all happiness.

5 United Till Death Separates US:

The oath taken during the wedding “till death do us part,”can be the best way to show your affection. Two skeletons kissing each other in Wedding dress will tell people how you want to lead your life, always together till death.

4 Gone Fishing:

Sometimes it may take years to finalize the wedding. The best funny wedding cake for such occasion can be the bride reeling the groom who is still trying to go away. It can be interchanged depending upon the situation.

3 Fairytale Ending:

There are brides who believe in fairy tales and expect that one day a frog will turn into their Prince Charming. Have a cake that has figure of the bride kissing a frog in her hand. Once she opens her eyes, her Prince Charming will be there waiting for her.

2 Hashtag Wedding:

In these times when everybody is busy with their mobile and the apps there, a wedding cake where the bride and groom are hugging each other with their mobile phones in their hands is perfect.

1 Too Tired After The Day:

Wedding is a nerve taking affair and the couples get tired after it is over. A wedding cake that shows the tired couple relaxing at the couch is also a funny way to make the event happy.

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