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Top 10 Flowers That Bloom all Year

Perennials are kind of plants that live for years and mostly grow little buds that bloom into roses of different colors. Perennials grow through different seasons of the year; it depends on the type of the plant. Some of them could be just inches high and others grow up to 2-3 feet. The common characteristic among them is that all of them are able to bloom during bad weather and even lack of water (For flowers that bloom in winter, check this post). Let us see the top ten of them as featured in Pouted lifestyle magazine design Ideas and you can choose two or three that fit to grow together.

10 Threadleaf Tickseed

This flower could be planted at any time from summer to fall; it does not matter whether it is exposed to sun or shade even if temperature dropped below zero the plant will not be affected. It grows up to 18 inches high and is mostly yellow.  This flower type is used with most high quality wood working decorations.

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9 Purple Coralbells

Want to plant the Coralbells? Preferably do it in the summer. It grows up to fourteen inches, the leaves of which are attractive because of their wrinkles and the little purple flowers hardly visible to the eye. Like the Tickseed, if the temperature dropped below zero it is still fine as it does not need much of sun. Check here how to start it in the garden.

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8 Blue Perennial Sage

The perfect time for planting the sage is from the middle of the summer to the fall. 25 Fahrenheit will be sufficient and zero degrees will not affect it, but still, it needs full sun to bloom. This plant is taller than the previous ones, as in the picture below; it can grow to 28 inches. This flowers type is used with fancy shed decorations.

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7 Blue Pincushion Flower

It is recommended that the pincushion is planted in the middle of summer to the beginning of autumn. The light shade and full sun are both o.k. It grows up to 14 inches with long green stalks and purple flowers.

[/indeed-social-locker] 6 Pink Astilbe

Planted from the middle of summer to the beginning of fall, the Pink Astilbe needs a lot of water and no more than 30 Fahrenheit to grow and does not make a big difference whether it is sunny or shady. It looks like fern adding to it the rosy color.

5 Purple-Leaved Beardtongue

Scientifically called, Penstemon digitalis, this plant as its name, the one above, indicates has purple leaves but the flowers are white. They grow at the beginning or end of summer and they are way taller than the previous ones, they could be up to 2 feet!

4 Black-Eyed Susan

The Rudbeckia fulgida or the black-eyed Susan can grow up to 2 feet as well, but these are more common. They grow in Germany yet they have spread all over the world, and the reason why, is that this plant has a magnificent ability to reproduce. It thus spread across Germany, Czech and then to US. To get yours, you preferably need to grow it from the midsummer till end of autumn in a temperature of a temperature less than 30 Fahrenheit. [source: Pouted online USA fashion magazine]

3 Purple Coneflower

The Purple Coneflower is better planted from the middle of summer to the beginning of autumn. Unlike the previous one, it needs 40 degrees of temperature and is relatively higher than all of them as it grows up to 3 feet.

2 Ajuga

Ajuga is a ground plant that is unique in its green leaves and blue flowers. Remember that its leaves take some space so it is preferable for it to grow in a garden.

1 Bigroot Geranium

The Bigroots grow in the shade and are not affected by bad weather like lack of water or extreme heat, either way its pink flowers will continue to bloom. It is important to mention that animals do not like this plant because of its lack of taste, which makes it the perfect perennial plant. [source: TopTen Magazine]