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Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA

Good health and fitness is a top priority for many people these days, and the wish is not limited to a specific community, country, or race alone. In a world that is witnessing a rapid rise in health problems due to a sedentary lifestyle, long hours of work, poor diet, lack of enough physical activity and other factors, fitness training has become essential. Across the USA, a country with obesity and many other health problems that are assuming epidemic proportions, many certified fitness trainers have come up with the mission to ensure better health for people. Read and know about the top 10 fitness trainers in the USA who are known for their experience and expertise.

1 Keith Thompson (KTX Fitness) [Atlanta, Georgia]

Keith Thompson is the founder of KTX Fitness, which has members from across the globe. The Zuba, Step, and Cycle routines of KTX are quite varied and help each muscle work better. There are classes for grown-ups as well as for kids as small as 5 years in age. He is also the founder of 501c3 entity known as Fit for Life Foundation. Keith is popular in the fitness industry and has appeared on The Queen Latifah Show, Good Morning Atlanta, and The Braxton Show. He was once a certified group fitness instructor with the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

Keith Thompson KTX fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 1

Keith Thompson KTX fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 2

2 Alex Folacci 

Alex Folacci is a 2 time National Champion of France in the Decathlon, an international medalist and a world class athlete. He was elected “the Best Trainer For Men in NYC” two years in a row, and counts amongst his clients A-list celebrities, Royal family members, Billionaires,…

He specialized in coaching highly successful men over 35 in NYC as well as online with his “Gentlemen’s Training Program”, which is private and personalized to each client. He arrived in the USA in 2014 and became a Certified Personal Trainer after breaking his back during his 2016 Rio Olympic training cycle.

When most Trainers coach only one method, Alex Folacci became a celebrity Trainer by being an expert in 9 different coaching methods: Powerlifting, Bodybuilding, Stretching/Mobility, Abs/Core, Running/Cardio, CrossFit/HIIT, Calisthenics, Plyometrics, and Mixed Martial Arts.

3 Benjamin Wharry (BMW Fitness) [Oklahoma]

A personal trainer par excellence, Benjamin Wharry is a fitness model and national physique athlete. He has taken part in sports activities throughout his life and offers physical conditioning and training sessions to people. He always tries to challenge his body, in order to achieve the best shape. He offers Gym sessions, and a weekly as well as a monthly mobile training program. He has certification in Personal Training from NCCPT and in Fitness Nutrition from ISSA.

Benjamin Wharry BMW fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 4

Benjamin Wharry BMW fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 5

4 Johnny Ryder (Ryder Fitness)

Johnny Ryder offers group training, personal training, exercise therapy and more in his private gym cum personal training studio Ryder Fitness LLC located at Low Arizona, which he owns and runs. He is a certified trainer with certifications in Martial Arts Conditioning, Fitness Training and Exercise Therapy. He is also a specialist in Wrestling, Sports Nutrition and Strength, and Conditioning. He is an Interscholastic Coach and a Second Degree Black Belt and teaches conditioning, fitness training and equipment training.

Johnny Ryder fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 6

Johnny Ryder fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 7

5 Tyler Guzzo (Guzzo Fitness Systems)

The founder of Guzzo Fitness Systems, Tyler offers one on one Personal Training, Online Coaching, and Group Boot Camps. He runs a supportive, focused and passionate fitness community that is open to anyone who is interested. People are offered the first three Boot Camp consecutive classes completely free of cost. Other than fitness programs, he can offer guidance about nutrition.

Guzzo Fitness Systems Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 8

6 Dave Nelson [Corona, California]

He is a Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer. Dave has more than 15 years of experience. He has offered supplements, workouts, and nutrition to many people, and helped them achieve their fitness objectives. His fitness pieces of advice and tips are based on his own efforts and experiences in fighting his own obesity issues. He helps clients move away from fads and gimmicks, and benefit from all that he learned through trial and error.

Dave Nelson fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 9

Dave Nelson fit Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 10

7 Cesar Amaral (MX360 Fitness) [Bellevue, Washington]

Cesar Amaral is a certified fitness trainer and the founder of MX360 Fitness. He offers fitness exercises and programs to ensure training of the whole body and even encourages walking for 30 minutes in natural surroundings to get easy benefits. He helps people get over obesity problems with an active lifestyle and Mexican foods. He encourages healthy diet plans that draw inspiration from the culture of Latin people. He helps people to reach their fitness goals in a fun way.

Cesar Amaral fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 11

Cesar Amaral MX180 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 12

8 Marvin Wilson (IFBB Pro Marvin Wilson 007 Fitness LLC) [Anchorage, Alaska]

Marvin Wilson owns 007 Fitness, LLC. He is an ACE Personal Trainer and IFBB Professional and is also certified as an ISSA strength training, nutrition, and conditioning professional. He offers custom workout and diet plans that are designed to help people attain their fitness objectives. The IFBB Pro identifies the aspects of customers that need optimum work, and develop custom plans for them. He helps customers with a stepwise approach to even get ready for competitions.

007 fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 13

007 fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 14

9 Devon Shurden (Fit Life Choices) [Houston, Texas]

Devon of Texas-based Fit Life Choices strives to offer the most effectual guidance and solutions for fitness to let people attain their objectives. He helps people enjoy the best health through changes in lifestyle and physical activities by offering effectual fitness training that is easily accessible. He offers professional assistance to people to enjoy the best health and lose weight. He does not go for complicated results and instead trusts on small changes to ensure the best results. Whether advanced or beginners, everyone can benefit with his plans.

devon shurden Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 15

Chris Robinson fit life choices Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 16

Chris Robinson fit life choices 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 17

10 Zoe Rodriguez (ZBody Fitness) [Houston, Texas]

An Athlete in Jupiter, Florida, Zoe is the founder and CEO of ZBody Fitness Inc. She offers low-cost plans through her website to help women build sexy arms, legs, chest, back, and booty and achieve the overall improvement in fitness. She offers an affordable HIIT program to help women. She teaches proper weightlifting techniques, something that she has immense love for, and makes people more confident about themselves and their bodies. She also has ebooks on fitness that are offered through the website.

zoe Rodriguez fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 18

zoe Rodriguez fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 19

11 Next Level Performance Fitness [Roseville, California]

Nick, who runs the fitness agency Next Level Performance Fitness in Roseville, CA, is an expert in Foundational Health. He offers lifestyle-changes, client training, proper workout supplement recommendations, and healthy habits to bring about wonderful changes in health and fitness that can last long. He offers a Fitness Jumpstart Program for 40 days, a custom 10-month coaching program that helps achieve complete transformation and a low-cost personal training that includes offering personal training classes to small groups. The classes are aimed at taking fitness to the next stage and achieve real changes in lifestyle as well as offer optimum results.

Next Level Performance fitness Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 20

Next Level Performance Fitness 2 Top 10 Fitness Trainers in the USA - 21

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