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Top 10 Fabulous & Stunning Fashion Trends

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The world of fashion is always renewable as it is impossible to find a year that does not come to us with new trends whether it is in jewelry, make-up, hair colors or clothes and other accessories that we wear. Every season comes to us with new designs and sometimes the designers return back to the past or last years to revive the trends of these years and make them fashionable again. To make sure that we are fashionable, we always check out what is new in the world of fashion and is presented by creative and famous designers in different areas around the world.

Most of the new fashion trends are presented in a specific way that suits the season in which they are offered. In spring for example, you will find that most of the fashion trends are derived from the surrounding nature with its beauty and colorful items. Below are top 10 fashion trends which are the most wearable in next spring to know how to prepare your wardrobe for this new season and what to wear to be always fashionable.

1. Boxy and crop tops


One of the newest and hottest trends in this spring is the crop and boxy tops that do not cover all the upper part of your body which may be good for some people who want to get rid of the heat of weather that is caused by the clothes that they wear.

2. Floral prints


One of the most common trends that can be found in almost every spring is the floral prints that are derived from the surrounding flowers with their breathtaking beauty and multiple colors.

3. Beaded clothes


It is the season of extravagance whether it is in clothes or jewelry. Some of the clothes in this season come to be embellished with different colors of beads to make them more attractive.

4. Sheer


It is a good choice for those who do not like to wear crop tops. It allows you to cover all the upper part of your body without making you feel that you are hot thanks to the light fabrics that are used to make you comfortable.

5. Fringe


One of the newest ways for decorating clothes in this year is using fringe that make any piece of clothes more fashionable.

6. Higher-waist and wide-leg pants

Higher-waist and wide-leg pants

The new trends of this year try to make you completely comfortable through offering different wide clothes whether it is for the tops or pants. The pants of this year are designed with wide legs and are higher waist for more comfort.

7. Collars and cuffs


The women’s clothes in this season are inspired by men’s clothes as there are some clothes which are designed in a new way that makes them look masculine. There are some pieces of clothes which are available with collars and cuffs in contrasting colors that differ from the color of the cloth itself.

8. Black and white


If there are two colors that will never die in fashion, then you can say that they are black and white. They were among the dominant colors in the last year and almost every year. You can find these two colors used in different patterns and prints to make it easy for you to choose what suits you and makes you more gorgeous.

9. Elbow and near elbow-length sleeves


Among the hottest trends for this year is the elbow or near elbow-length sleeves that cover a large part of your arms to be protected from the sun and its rays.

10. Tea-length skirts


They are considered to be a fashionable trend in this spring. The length of the new skirts is moderate as they are not very long or short. Pairing these tea-length skirts with crop tops can help you to look taller.

If you want to be more fashionable and elegant, you need to accessorize what you wear. To know more about the world of latest jewelry trends and hair color trends for women in this year, visit these pages: ↓

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