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Top 10 Facts of Tacori Jewelry “The Jewel of Rich, Famous & Stars”

Tacori is one of the most famous and trusted brands in the world of jewelry. Tacori jewelry is unique in its designs as it is a combination of classic elegance and modern inspiration to finally provide its customers with high-quality and magnificent pieces of jewelry. Tacori was founded by Haig Tacorian who left Europe and moved to the United States in 1969 to start a new life there and to establish his company. All the Tacori jewelry pieces are handcrafted carefully by a group of professional artisans in California, United States. The Tacori pieces are crafted through using precious materials including platinum and diamonds of the best quality to make the jewelry pieces more valuable. Tacori jewelry is created in fascinating designs to meet various tastes, different styles and diverse personalities. Tacori jewelry is really fabulous and catchy to the extent that it is highly sought after by many brides who can afford it to enhance their beauty at their wedding.


Tacori jewelry is widely known as the jewelry of stars, famous and rich people since it is trendy, fashionable and come in catchy designs particularly the engagement and wedding rings. Tacori rings are designed in a specific way that differs from other rings as the stone setting area is flexible which allows you to change the stone easily depending on certain specifications. The diamonds that are used for adorning Tacori jewelry are known for their clarity which makes the Tacori jewelry pieces catchier than other diamond jewelry pieces of lower quality.


Tacori rings are widely known for their halo setting as Tacori is the first to present this type of rings. There are Tacori rings which are sold without a stone and there are also loose diamonds and precious stones that can be purchased alone to be used later for adorning the ring. Such a feature can help you to purchase the ring that you want without a diamond and to choose the stone later if you find that it is difficult for you to decide the stone that you want or do not have enough money to purchase the ring and the diamond or any other precious stone at the same time.

Tacori Engagement Ring and Band, .52 TDW Atlanta
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Creating diamond jewelry by Tacori is not limited to a specific type of jewelry such as rings but it extends to include other types of jewelry pieces that we wear for enhancing our beauty including bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings. The diamonds that come in the Tacori jewelry vary in their sizes and numbers to allow you to purchase what suits your budget and increases your beauty at the same time. Tacori jewelry is not created through using platinum only, but it is also made through using another metal which is gold with its different colors including rose, yellow and white which is the most common and is known to be cheaper than platinum.


Having jewelry pieces which are handcrafted means that your jewelry is really unique because it is impossible to find two handcrafted pieces of jewelry which are identical and have exactly the same features without any differences. If you want to dazzle your partner and impress her, then you can choose one of the Tacori jewelry pieces to present it to her on any happy occasion such as wedding, engagement or anniversary.

Tacori Diamond Wedding Set, .30 TDW in Atlanta

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