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Top 10 Most Expensive Women’s Wedding Rings

Every man does his best to bring the best and most fascinating wedding ring that can dazzle his beloved because it is believed that wedding rings are one of the best ways for a man to express his love and show his desire to spend the rest of his life with his lover. The only thing that makes the wedding rings expensive and higher in their price than other traditional rings which are used as accessories is the diamonds that are used for decorating the ring and making it unique. The rarer the diamond is, the more expensive it will be. Most of those who decide to purchase a wedding ring look for two things; the first thing is that the ring should be catchy and impressive while the second thing is that the ring must be affordable. There are other people who just look at the price of the ring as they only want to pick up the most expensive one. To know more about these expensive and unaffordable rings, take a look at the following top 10 most expensive women’s wedding rings.


10. Anna Kournikova’s engagement ring – $2.5 million


This Argyle jewelers engagement ring was presented to Anna Kournikova by her fiancé Enrique Iglesias. The ring is encrusted with an 11-carat pink pear-cut diamond that is placed at the center of the ring with other two Trillian stones on both sides.

9. Catherine Zeta Jones’s engagement ring – $2.5 million


It was presented to Catherine Zeta by her husband Michael Douglas. This Fred Leighton vintage ring is encrusted with a large 10-carat white diamond with other 28 smaller stones around it.

8. Jacqueline Onassis’s engagement ring – $2.6 million


It is a Lesotho III engagement ring that was given to Jacqueline Onassis by her second husband Aristotle Onassis. This ring that was worn for two times only features a 40.42 carat diamond.

7. Melania Knauss’s engagement ring – $3 million


This Graff engagement ring was presented to her by her husband Donald Trump. The ring features an emerald-cut diamond that is 15 carats.

6. Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring – $4 million


It was given to her by her ex-husband Marc Anthony. This Neil Lane blue diamond ring is encrusted with an 8.5-carat diamond that makes the ring costs $4 million.

5. Grace Kelly’s engagement ring – $4.06 million


She received this ring from her husband Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The Cartier diamond ring is encrusted with an emerald-cut diamond that is 10.47 carats in addition to two diamond baguettes on the two sides.

4. Paris Hilton’s engagement ring – $4.7 million


This huge ring was presented to Paris by her ex-fiancé Paris Latsis. The 24-carat white gold ring features a rectangle-shaped diamond in addition to other triangle-cut baguettes on the sides.

3. Beyonce’s engagement ring – $5 million


Beyonce possesses the most expensive ring among other celebrities of our time. It was given to her by her husband Jay Z. The Lorraine Schwartz platinum ring is encrusted with an 18-carat octagon-cut diamond and it costs $5 million.

2. Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring – $8.8 million


This ring was given to her by her husband Richard Burton. The ring features a large pure and transparent Asscher-cut Krupp diamond that is 33.19 carats. Elizabeth’s ring was sold to an Asian collector in December 2011 at an auction by Christie’s for just $8.8 million.

1. Blue Diamond Ring – $9.5 million

blue diamond ring

The world’s most expensive wedding ring is the Blue Diamond Ring that is designed by Bvlgari. It is highly placed at the top of the list as it was sold in April 2013 for $9.49 million to be the highest cost for a ring. What makes this ring costly is that it is encrusted with a 5.30-carat blue diamond that is surrounded by brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds that spread along the sides of the ring. Blue diamonds are widely known as the rarest and purest diamonds and this is why they are very expensive. This precious stone was crafted in 1965 and was sold at an auction by Bonham’s Fine Jewelry in 2013 to Graff Diamonds that is known as one of the most famous collector houses for precious gems.

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