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Top 10 Exclusive Destinations in Europe You Didn’t Know About

If you are looking for some interesting and exclusive destinations in Europe, then continue reading this article. Year by year tourism in Europe is developing, tourists are getting tired of popular destinations, and there is no special spirit of visiting country. Here is a top 10 list of places where you can go, feel a different culture and have a unique experience.

1 Brno, The Czech Republic

Town Brno is situated on the East of the country. It is a second large city in the country with a population of 380,000 inhibitors. Brno is capital of South Moravia region, and famous for their local wine. And if you come in the period from August till October, you may try Burchak-young wine, which is sold on every corner. Brno has a long history; the first mention about that place appears in 9th century. So, there you may find a lot of historical places and be sure not to miss the most interesting of them.

Špilberk castle, which is well seen from almost every point of the city, it is located on one of the two hills. There you’ll find one of the biggest exhibition centers in Europe and casemates. The castle was the harshest jail in Austro-Hungary empire, a real nightmare for all bastards of these times! If we have started to talk about underground, then go next to the second largest ossuary in Europe Kostnice u SV. Jakuba, which is located in the city center not far from the main square ( Square of Freedom- Namesti Svobody).

On the second hill (Petrov hill) you can admire the Cathedral of St Peter and Paul, a huge gothic building which is also seen almost from everywhere. Brno city is also famous for its statues, like in Prague, there are many historical monuments and sculptures made by modern artists, which some of them may make you confused. Also, Brno is big university center, there are 11 universities, and a considerable part of the population is young people. These aren’t all cool things you can see in Brno; we just made you some courage to go there and enjoy.

2 Brittany, France

After you see Paris, Leon, Strasburg and other overcrowded tourist cities in France, you’ll realize that it’s like magic to see real France. So, get a ticket to North-west of France to Brittany region.

What is Brittany region famous for? First of all, it is cider. Brittany cider is widely known place outside the region, and it worth to tell about it more. The cider is made from pure apple juice and apples in Brittany are unique, grown specifically for cider by passionate farmers in perfect climate conditions. Talking about local cuisine, don’t forget to try local oysters. There you can buy them straight from the fishing boats.

Brittany region is rich with breathtaking landscapes. For example, the Pink Granite Coast in the department of Cotes-d’Armor. Also, famous Mont Saint-Michel is situated in Brittany region, the unique island-fortress. These and countless other sights are waiting for you to come and have that experience!

3 Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is capital of Slovakia, a small central European country which is one of youngest states in Europe, but it has a long history. Before Slovakia became an independent state, Bratislava was Austro-Hungarian capital from 1541 to 1684. That’s the reason why there are inside the city and in suburban are so many Fairy-tale castles. The first castle you should get known with is Bratislava castle which sits on the hill above the Old town and Danube River.

Try to find affordable and exclusive cruise deals on the Danube to Devin castle, to see how it’s is fall of beautiful Moravia and was blown up by Napoleon’s army. The castle is situated on a high cliff over the Morava and Danube rivers. You’ll find magnificent landscapes around the castle, but the best is to go on top. Bratislava is good for nightlife. You’ll find countless pubs in the city center, which attract party men from all Europe.

4 Cluj-Napoca , Romania

Kluj-Napoka (or more well known as Kluj) is one of the oldest cities in Romania. It is unofficial capital of Transylvania region. It was official capital of the Grand Principality of Transylvania from 1790 to 1848 and from 1861 to 1867.

Cluj-Napoka is a student city, and many young people from all the Europe are coming there to get experience, what makes Kluj very lively. Also, those who seek for peaceful green places, Kluj must be included into wish-list. There is a significant Botanical garden, many parks, and green areas. In 1920, Professor Alexandru Borza found the “Alexandru Borza” Botanical Garden, and it belongs to the Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca.

Also, be sure not to miss The Faget of Cluj, protected natural zone and monument of nature of great national interest, this area contains natural brush of common oak and beech.

5 Faroe Islands

Located between the North Atlantic and the Norwegian Sea, about halfway between Norway and Iceland, about 200 miles north-northwest of Scotland, within the Kingdom of Denmark.

The Faroe Islands are called Europe’s best-kept secret. This place is perfect for those who are tired of the city bustle and seeking for unity with nature. The best way of getting around is to rent a car. Driving there is easy, there is no traffic, you’ll have to stop only to pass a bunch of sheep. Hiking is also a good idea, but be sure to take enough of food and drinks with you, there are no supermarkets on every corner, only cliffs, forests, and fields.

6 Gdansk, Poland

Gdansk is a big town on the north of Poland with a population half a million. The town is located on southern coast of Baltic sea, and there is one of the most important and biggest ports located. Gdansk has a long history; it is more than 1000 years old, what makes it a real paradise for enthusiasts of old architecture.

Those who are fond of history will enjoy walking around local museums The National Museum, Historical Museum of the City of Gdańsk., Central Maritime Museum or the Archaeological, attracting crowds of tourists looking for the spiritual experience. The Oliwa Cathedral, St. Mary’s Church, St. Catherine’s Church are also shouldn’t be missed. Gdansk is a large amber mining center; there are dozens of places where you may buy, or just looking at these beautiful stones.

7 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Compared to many other capitals, Sarajevo is a small town, but that is hard to find a place where you can find so many various things in such a small area. Do you remember what marked the begging of WW1? Well, the assassination of Franc Ferdinand happened there, and if you like history, you’ll not miss the opportunity to go to Sarajevo Museum 1878–1918 where you can know all details of that event.

Back to 90’s, there was a war between B&H and Serbia, and you still may notice some ruined buildings and bullet holes. But all these sad events don’t make Sarajevo a town of grief. There you’ll meet the unique spirit of Balkan hospitality, enjoy fascinating landscapes around there, try delicious food and see how this town is rising like a phoenix after the fallout.

8 Lake Bled, Slovenia

Enjoy breathtaking landscapes of natural beauty in Slovenian town Bled. The Lake Bled is perfect blue with the only one island in the middle. Bled is located in the northwest of the country near to Austrian board, so if you are traveling to Austria, that would be a great idea for one day trip. The climate there is mild, so that made the lake a popular resort for aristocrats from all Europe in 19-20s century. Now it is a big sports center which provides such sports activities like golf, horse-riding, and fishing. As you can see Bled is perfect for those who are seeking for active and, at the same time, peaceful place for vacations.

9 Manarola, Italy

Location of the town is unusual and makes Manarola look unique and different from any other places. It is situated on a cliff above Ligurian sea. Houses there are painted in all rainbow colors, so the town looks like a little paradise.

Manarola is the oldest town in the region Cinque Terre. It was mentioned for the first time in 1261, with the oldest building there is San Lorenzo church which is dating from 1338. Narrow streets and fascinating landscapes create a romantic atmosphere.

For those who like diving, there is an excellent rocky shore for deep-water swimming around. After your day hiking and jumping from rocks, have a dinner in a restaurant with delicious food and legendary local wine.

10 Odense, Denmark

In the heart of Denmark, there is a stunning town with 200,000 lucky people living there. Odense is the third biggest town in Denmark. Famous Danish author Hans Christian Anderson was born there, so that place is must have for everyone who is familiar with his tales.

Despite Anderson, that town is worth to visit for film-lovers, there is a big film festival-International Odense which takes place every year. It is worth to say that nightlife there is active; there are many atmospheric pubs, bars, and live music places.

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Natalia is passionate traveler and foodie. She likes to write about places and exclusive destinations in the world that she visited or dream to visit.