Top 10 Educational Tools That Will Help To Improve Studying

The twenty-first century is marked by the tremendous technological progress that has been in a crescendo throughout the years. Inevitably, education was prone to such great progress and had to undertake all the phases. At this juncture, pens, pencils, and piles of papers are not efficient for sufficient studying compared to the process in the past. However, some websites, mobile apps, and online services were solely designed to lend a hand by offering you tools and ways that facilitate your studying.

Here Pouted lists Top 10 Educational Tools That Will Help To Improve Studying

10 WhiteSmoke 
While writing articles, you have to bear in mind that correct grammar and spelling are paramount. Not to mention the essentiality of strong vocabulary that seems to fit in the content. So, if you are assigned an essay or if you are writing an article or an anecdote, you need to check and correct your writing style with the one and only WhiteSmoke. What makes WhiteSmoke a special is that it considers your word choices and simple style-related details.

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9 Duolingo 
They always say if you speak another language, you possess another soul. There are heaps of applications like Duolingo that can help you learn a second in a fun way. You have around 23 languages at the tip of your fingers. The application offers the right pronunciation of the words and multiple exercises to make sure you grasped the lesson properly.  Duolingo renders the learning process more fun through earning points and prizes as if you are playing an online game.

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Sometimes it is draining to lead the life you aspire to have. Too many deadlines, family meetings, and cultural events are set in your schedule. However, you have very little time up your sleeve, which makes it nearly impossible to think right or set your priorities straight. That’s why we need some applications and websites that understand the dilemma we are going through. Of course, there were websites, which assist you to have classes at the times you choose based on your availability. Surely, you will study with a qualified tutor without any need to feel stressed or long behind your peers. Not only does it make it easy for you to set your schedule, but also it provides one-to-one courses with which you can grade tests designed for you and have questions and discussions.

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7 SAT Platinum 
We know that we do not seek education for the sake of exams and grades. Your brain feeds on information and challenges, but there is nothing wrong with you pegging away and putting your best effort force to get good grades. Preparing for your tests and exams grows your sense of responsibility. At first, you need to scrutinize some of the previous exams that students took before. Thus, SAT/ACT/PSAT Platinum is the best means to ease your way towards you being prepared for tests in order to achieve the best success possible. You know one way to guarantee a bright future is to get high scores in order to receive proper education at reputable universities.

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6 Math Success 
Are you a die-hard fan of numbers and shapes? Do you like challenging equations? Whether your answer will be yes or no, we know how to render maths appealing! Math Success is the answer. Math Success is a brilliant tool for students who may face difficulties studying maths and geometry. The software renders equations, theories, and formulas easy. The application will help you with courses and tests. Some students cannot catch up with the fast pace with which things work at school, so that is our purpose: to let students improve at their own pace, without pressure!

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5 Grammarly 
Grammarly is one of the most well-known and appreciated educational applications out there! Grammarly will guarantee that essays and documents are correct when it comes to grammar, spelling, and sentence structure. So, if you need a grammar-checker and you have typed ‘excellent grammar checkers’, do not be surprised when your eyes catch the first website that you will see, which is Grammarly. Like every grammar checker you will encounter, you will post your essay or send the file so you can receive the mistake-free version of your work. However, what makes Grammarly distinctive is that you can add it to your chrome, which enables you to correct any grammar or spelling mistakes in your emails or posts.

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4 Elevate 
If you need a blockbuster application that can challenge your brain and if you aspire to build up and enhance your analytical skills, Elevate is designed for the sole purpose. The application has been launched since May 2014 and it managed to be one of the best applications selected by Apple. Despite the fact that the application does not fall into the social media application category on which you can share posts and lay Mayfair and Nashville filters on pictures, but it managed to garner 15 million users to download it.

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3 Google Translation 
Google Translation is not the best option to which you can resort. We have to acknowledge that is is one of the most famous applications that are remotely fair when translating paragraphs. But who said we had to translate full sentences and lengthy paragraphs?! We can merely translate words; and when we learn the structure of foreign language, we will be able to joint and form sentences.

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2 Tutoriage 
Online essay writing services like Tutoriage have been sweeping lately; students get snowed under with heaps of assignment and countless piles of essays that need to be done with little times up their sleeves. The never-ending plights provoke students to resort to online services that offer the assistance needed. Preferably, students would buckle down and set their hearts to researching and doing their work while asking reviewers and writing experts to review and look into their essays while underlining the slight as well as the fatal mistakes that students sometimes overlook.

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1 Cite This For Me 
We acknowledge that whenever we have an essay or research we have to cite our sources in order not to fall into the trap that is called plagiarism.
Whenever you borrow words or ideas, the given source needs to be acknowledged. Cite This For Me is an app mainly designed to help students write down their citations and bibliographies. What makes the application special is that enables your phone camera scan the barcode and put together the citation in whatever formula, MLA, APA or Chicago.

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We would not stand stock-still in disarray amid countless piles of paper with no guidance. We here to root out for you and run interference for you in your study and the means to achieve the best results. You know earning high grades and getting a long list of A+, does not rely on you busting your heart out at studying and reciting some information you do not fully understand; it rather depends on the efficiency of the means you are reaching out.

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