Top 10 Country Wedding Songs

Are you looking to create a country music wedding playlist for your 2019 wedding? We have a roundup of hit country wedding songs for 2019. Make your pick!

We love an excellent country wedding playlist because all country songs on such list are unique. Unique in the sense that each song on the wedding playlist tells a story and sends powerful messages to the listeners. They are emotional, lyrically loaded and features rhythms that resonate through the instruments.

2019 is almost here, and there are lots of couples who love and want country music for a wedding. The scout begins, and a list of our favorite country music is here for all wedding stages. We have all the mushy and butterflies in my tummy “just the two of us” walking down the aisle listening to excellent country wedding reception songs. The fun country wedding songs for when it’s time to boogie are not left out either.

Your country wedding or non-country wedding is sure to be a hit with these country wedding songs on our list!

1 Blue Tacoma– Russel Dickerson

Blue Tacoma is a 2017 country pop song from the album title “yours”, by Russel Dickerson. It talks about love and a couple who found their happy place in blue Tacoma. The song says he finds heaven with his woman and he would love her longer than he ever did… In blue Tacoma. This song is smooth, emotional and leaves you with a sunny smile. This is for the couple with a place that reminds them of happy. A place they always want to go back to, to celebrate their love, even after many years.

2 Make It Sweet– Old Dominion

Make it sweet is a 2018 country wedding song by old dominion, best suited for the couple dance at the reception. The song expresses the strength and longevity of true love. It talks about the couple stuck together forever, and he never gets to wonder where his honey is. The song says that they should make every time count because time is short. They will explore and see places they never saw. It talks about how much they can accomplish and grow together. A song for the hopeless romantic couple who believe in a sweet and unified forever.

3 I’d Love To Be Your Last– Clay Walker

I’d love to be your last by Clay Walker is one that every couple who is in love would pick in a heartbeat. Part of the album title “fall” and released in 2007, this song talks about wishes of the past and promises for the future. He wishes he was her first love but is glad he will be the last. He thanks his stars, because he cannot believe how lucky he is to find her. He believes their mistakes brought them together, and they have made them better. He says when he looks at her, he sees what he feels, which is that he got it right with her. This is a song for private moments of the couple.

4 Love Someone– Brett Eldredge

Love someone is a country song released in 2018 by Brett Eldredge, beautiful country music for a wedding it is. This is a powerful love song that talks about how the singer has everything he needs right there with him. He talks about the comfort and safety he finds in his arms… A beautiful thing for a bride to know. The singer, through the song also talks about how she is his weakness and how she puts him on the right path. He says she is enough and that’s all that will ever matter. There are no string of lyrics more assuring and beautiful.

5 Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset– Luke Bryan

D you want fun country wedding songs that would have the audience nodding and reminiscing on good times? Sunrise, sunburn, sunset by Luke Bryan is the song! It is a part of the album what makes a country song and was released in 2017. This is a sweet country love song that talks about finding love in the strangest of places. Young sweethearts who met when she came back home, they struck up something which progressed into a beautiful and fulfilling forever after. This is what the power of love can do; it knows no boundaries. An emotional song which tells the love story of many couples.

6 On My Way To You– Cody Johnson

For country wedding songs which tell a tale of determination, perseverance and true love, on my way to you by Cody Johnson is spot on. Released across digital platforms in 2018 and due in stores by 2019, this song talks about his journey to meeting his wife. Everything he went through and all the wrong choices he made on his journey to her. The many times he felt like giving up, but they make up his story. He is grateful that he got to her, and he is where he wants to be. Many couples can relate to this. Love is not an easy journey, but if you make it to forever with the one, it’s worth a lot.

7 This Is It – Scotty McCreery

This is a hit country music for a wedding, as she walks down the aisle and just before you say the vows. This is a love song that talks of the perfection and imperfections of love. It talks about the beauty of the one he loves, how he treasures her and their wedding day. It talks about the hope for a beautiful future, and he talks about the beautiful future they will share. He hopes and believes that together, they can get to the peak of the world. With this song resonating in the background as the bride walks down the aisle, the ambiance will attest to your love.

8 Speechless–  Dan + Shay

Country reception songs for a wedding never got better with this divine piece by Dan Smyers and Shay Mooney. Released in 2018, the speechless country pop song will be the toast of country weddings in 2019 as it is perfect for couple’s first dance. It talks about everything a bride will want to hear on her big day. It mentions intense love for his bride, appreciation of her beauty and she is his weakness. We hear of how she leaves him speechless and takes his breath away every single time. Her love overwhelms him so much; he still gets nervous at the sight of her. Such a beautiful and timeless piece!

9 Born To Love You– Lanco

From the album “hallelujah nights” comes the evergreen piece “born to love you” by Lanco! Released in 2018, these are the types of country wedding songs that rock the dance floor, yet leaves everyone emotional. Born to love you centers around a man who was off-course and his life made no meaning. He wallowed in his misery until the love of his life came along and rescued him. Now, he found her and she gives his life meaning. He has her, and he has everything. This song is a masterpiece that many couples can identify with. Some of us meet our loved ones when we are at our lowest points. A story of love, hope, and triumph!

10 From The Ground Up– Dan + Shay

Released in 2016 as part of the album with title “obsessed”, this is the perfect closing piece for this compilation. This country wedding love song has depth, is powerful and on its way to becoming a classic! It’s great for couple first dances, walking down the aisle, reception dance and even after party dance. It talks about love, commitment and promise to build and sustain the love they share. It says he will stand by her and face the world with her, for better or worse. He says his love will remain unshaken as they build a beautiful family. He says they will grow old together, look back in time and be proud of how far they have come. Such beautiful lyrics!

These are the kind of wedding songs your country music wedding playlist is never complete without. The beautiful fact about this is that these songs will fit even a non-country wedding. Have fun making a pick out our favorite and best 10 hit country wedding songs. Pick one that tells your love stories or speaks to your partner about how much you value them and your promises for the future. You deserve to have a memorable wedding day, and your wedding playlist serves a huge role. Get it right!

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