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Top 10 Worst Quality of Life Countries

The worst thing in life is to live the worst life and this can happen when you live in a country that suffers from poverty. Living in a poor country means death because you will find the lowest level in everything whether it is in healthcare, education, food, clean water, income, job, safety and other necessities without which you will not be able to live a satisfactory life. High levels can only be found in pollution, illiteracy, death, diseases, unemployment, crimes and other things that ensure the worst life. Most of the countries have some people who suffer from poverty, but what are the countries that are known to be completely poor? In order to know these countries to avoid living in them, we present to you the following top 10 worst countries that have the worst quality of life in the world.

10. Afghanistan

The average annual salary of those who live in Afghanistan is $1,100 per person and the rate of unemployment is more than 35%. What caused poverty in Afghanistan is the large number of wars that destroyed it and there is also no investments that can refresh its economy. Afghanistan is not only poor, it is also dangerous and unsafe to decide to live in it or even to visit it.


9. Niger

The average annual salary of the citizens who live in Niger is $771 per person. The main causes of the poverty from which Niger suffers are the Sahara desert that covers a large area which is about 80% of the whole area and the rain that rarely falls. Its income depends mainly on crops that grow on a small area and depend on the falling rain.


8. Burundi

The average annual salary of people who live in Burundi is $625 per person. It suffers from the low level of education, poor economy, dangerous diseases such as AIDS and lack of food. Its economy is mainly based on crops and mining.


7. Zimbabwe

The average annual salary of those who live in Zimbabwe is $589 per person. It suffers from bad healthcare which affects the life expectancy of its people and its economy is mainly based on harvesting trees and mining.


6. Eritrea

The average annual income of its people is $546 per person. The economy in this country is based on mining and the poverty over there is caused by the Eritrean-Ethiopian War which led to destroying economy, land and homes.

Eritrea Keren_-_2008-11-01

5. Madagascar 

The average annual salary for the citizens who live in Madagascar is estimated to be less than $500 per person. The economy in this country is based on tourism thanks to its wildlife and the biodiversity especially in animals.

Madagascar Ifaty_beach_Madagascar
Baobab trees Madagascar_20090211155657

4. Liberia 

The average annual income of citizens who live in Liberia is $436 per person. The economy in this country is based on mining and harvesting different plants that they grow. The country tries to improve its economy and increase its income which made it ranked as one of the fasting growing countries.


3. Central African Republic 

The average annual salary of people who live there is $300 per person. Most of the land area is covered with forest and savannas to grow plants. The country’s economy is based on harvesting crops and selling them.

Central African Republic CARvillagefromthesky

2. Malawi 

The average annual income of citizens who live in Malawi is $253 per person. It suffers from bad healthcare which leads to increasing the rate of death among its people from dangerous diseases such as HIV that leads to AIDS. Its economy depends on growing different plants and harvesting.


1.  Congo 

The official name of this country is the Democratic Republic of Congo. The average annual income of citizens who live in Congo is $236 per person. The economy in Congo is mainly based on mining and it is hoped that these mines can solve the problem of poverty in this country forever.


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