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Top 10 Best Quality of Life Countries

What are the countries which offer the best quality of life? There are some people who think that the most comfortable place to live in is their home country but in fact, it is possible for you to find welfare and to live a better life in another country that is not yours. People usually move from one country to another looking for the place in which they can find a good standard of living which is better and higher than that in their home country.

Finding a foreign country that is better than the home country differs from one person to another according to the priorities of each one as there are some people who look for a place where they can find safety, while there are others who look for better education for themselves or for their children, low and affordable costs of living, high salaries, better jobs, better healthcare, low population density and other factors that ensure the best and most comfortable life and make you satisfied. Here are top 10 countries that have the best quality of life in the world to help you to choose a country in which you can enjoy living a better life.

10. United Kingdom

The quality of life in the United Kingdom is 7.56 out of 10. It offers its people satisfactory income, high protection for environment whether it is for landscape or even the air that you breathe. The worst thing about the United Kingdom is the wide wealth gap that is created by earning between the rich and poor people in the country.


9. Iceland

The quality of life in Iceland is 7.56 out of 10 like the United Kingdom. What makes Iceland ranked above the United Kingdom although both of them got the same score of the quality of life is that its people care more about volunteer works for their community and they also care about their environment through keeping the water clean and the air pure and through recycling wastes in addition to depending more on renewable sources of energy. You can also find good education but unfortunately, the income is lower than average. Those who are highly educated are more satisfied with their life than others with a lower level of education.

Iceland blue-lagoon-reykjavik

8. Netherlands

The quality of life in Netherlands is 7.59 out of 10. The citizens in Netherlands are known for doing their civic duty as the percentage of registered voters who vote in the governmental elections is 88%.


7. Denmark

The quality of life in Denmark is 7.66 out of 10. It offers a clean environment which allows you to enjoy your time and live a healthy life and most of its people are known to spend a few hours at work which is about 1.522 hours per year and it is less than the international level which is 1.776 hours yearly.


6. United States

The quality of life in the United States is 7.67 out of 10. It offers high personal income without rivals which makes the citizens spend more money and you can also find the needed safety. The worst thing in the United States is the wealth gap between the rich and the poor that is considered to be the worst and widest wealth gap that you can ever find in the whole world which is thought to affect the citizens’ engagement in elections. Concerning civic duty, the American citizens do not care very much about voting in governmental elections.


5. Switzerland 

The quality of life in Switzerland is 7.85 out of 10. It features high employment rate, excellent health care and its citizens care about volunteer work for their community. Most of the citizens do not care about voting in elections as the civic engagement is under the international average.


4. Norway

The quality of life in Norway is 7.88 of 10. It is not difficult to find a job in Norway as it has a fascinating employment rate which is higher than the international average which makes the Norwegians highly satisfied with their life.


3. Canada

The quality of life in Canada is 7.91 out of 10. It has a perfect healthcare which allows you to live for a long time, it is highly safe and has a low rate of crimes which allows you to safely walk in its streets even if you are alone or you are walking at night.


2. Sweden

The quality of life in Sweden is 7.95 out of 10. It offers a good environment in different aspects to be satisfied and to live a happy life but the level of literacy there is lower than the international average.

Sweden Hemispheric_Valencia-1680-1050
ice hotel

And now

What is the country that is ranked as the first to have the best quality of life in the whole world?

It Is




1. Australia 

The quality of life in Australia is also 7.95 out of 10 like Sweden. It offers all what you may need to live a happy and satisfactory life. It features an ideal healthcare that makes people live longer, safety to live without being afraid, the ability to find a job, high income, good education and because its citizens are highly satisfied, they do not ignore voting in the elections which makes the civic engagement rate higher than it is in other countries.

Sydney Opera House, Australia

Congratulations if you are one of those who live in Australia. We wish the same life that you live.

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