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Top 10 Business Software Programs

As a business owner, you will need what helps you to easily run your business. There are many business software programs that allow you to get your work done without exerting a huge effort or spending a lot of money. Some of the software programs which are especially presented to business owners to help them to get their work done are offered for free while the others need to be purchased. You may find it difficult to choose the most suitable business software programs for you because you have to choose yours from a wide range of software programs that are available for all business owners whether they have small or large business. To make it easier for you to find and get the best program for you, we provide you with the following top 10 business software programs.

1. Google Apps Marketplace 

It is an online store which is presented to individuals and organizations to help them to discover and purchase integrated cloud applications which are all based on the internet and can work with Google Apps such as Google Contacts, Gmail, Google Calendar and other applications which are offered by Google.

it_photo_90994 Top 10 Business Software Programs

2. Rapportive 

It provides you with all the information that you may need about your contacts that you have in your inbox. It is not difficult to set up or use it and it does not need an application domain.

Rapportive-About Top 10 Business Software Programs

3. Joomla 

It is one of the most popular and essential content management systems for designing your website. It is not difficult to be used even for beginners who do not have prior experience.

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4. Office Medium 

It is a web-based collaborative application that allows you to collaborate with others and provides you with a hosted platform for managing contact information, sharing files, coordinating tasks and events, storing and organizing documents and other tasks that you need for your business.

‪office-medium Top 10 Business Software Programs

5. Skype 

It enables you to communicate with other people in different places and to call them for free. Regardless of the location of the place where you are or others whom you call, because Skype allows you to call anyone wherever s\he is without costing you money.

logo_skype-1 Top 10 Business Software Programs

6. TurboCASH 

It is an open source accounting software that can be downloaded for free and is available for everyone. It is more essential and beneficial for business owners who have small business and need an accounting program for to manage t heir daily business operations.

TurboCASH_20 Top 10 Business Software Programs

7. OpenOffice 

It is a free and an open source office suite for databases, spreadsheets, graphics, word processing and more as it is compatible with MS.

OpenOffice3BetaMenu1 Top 10 Business Software Programs

8. SkyDrive 

It is an online storage that helps you to store your files and access them easily from any device for free as you can upload, view and share the files that you want wherever you are.

skydrive-09-700x481 Top 10 Business Software Programs

9. Quickbooks

It is an accounting software program for all businesses with their different sizes especially small business. It is available in three packages or plans from which you can choose what suits the size of your business. The cost of the plans starts at just $12.95 per month and this is for Simple Start plan which is suitable for those who want to start running a new business. You can try this software program for 30 days for free to decide whether it can work for you or not.

quickbooks_jpg Top 10 Business Software Programs

10. Dragon Naturally Speaking 

It is not for free but it is really a fascinating software program. It is a speech recognition software which means that it turns what you say into a text which allows you to save time and effort and also saves you from typing if you are one of those who do not like to type or write and cannot concentrate or not very fast. Its price starts at $74.99.

Dragon-NaturallySpeaking-12-Lineup Top 10 Business Software Programs

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