Top 10 Brand New Methods for Brain Stimulation

All new ways of stimulating brain that you have been following over websites like brainlumosity and brain games, all depend on increasing mind’s capability. New methods of achieving the stimulation goal targets the physical structure of this organ. It is of great importance here to differentiate between brain and mind. Yo have been probably using the two words interchangeably, however there is a big difference. In referring to the physical structure, the cells and their components, you call it a brain. Speaking of the function of these cells, thinking, memory and et cetera then you call it mind. Do not mix the two words, it is a big mistake. Now back to the physical ways of stimulating a brain, I do not think you will be daring enough to try them. They are the science of the future so they are not out in the market yet.

10 Bigger Cortex

It has crossed your mind probably, if you are a fan of raising the efficacy of your brain. The neocortex – the outer part of the brain- is controlled by genes, its size and grooves. More grooves means more capabilities and mind abilities.

9 Gene Mutations

By 2020, scientists believe that improving the brain’s performance will no more depend on the psychological developments that you apply to mind – watch it here it is not brain. Transgenic modifications will be the future strategy though most developed countries still do not accept the idea.


Targeting to stimulate a specific brain part uses TMS for it. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) depends on having a coil upon the part needed to be stimulated. This kind of stimulation is used in curing brain areas that might be the cause of depression by putting it into work.

7 tDCS

Transcrannial direct-current Stimulation or tDCS is a more modern tool of stimulation. Over the brain, two electrodes are put to pass a wave or current between their ends. The fact that electricity passes through an anode and cathode over the brain stimulates the would-be sick cells.

6 Neuroprosthesis

Stimulation is not only for healthy people who would like to increase the efficacy of their brains. It is about getting the brains’ of less fortunate more capable as well. Related senses like hearing and vision are controlled by the brain, and science found an alternative to their loss.

5 Cochlea

ACS or artificial cochlear stimulator is the best of the neuroprosthetic applications. The device targets people lost the ability to hear and consists of a receptor that is inserted in the brain, a transmitter and microphone outside.

4 Retina?

As for the neuroprothetic applications, things get more complex. Retina is far more complex than cochlea, number of cells for the first reaches a million while the second just 10.000.

3 Microelectrodes

The ability of creating connections between a brain and a computer is becoming feasible with microelectrodes. It is small electrodes planted in the brain and have already been used to enable humans to control a computer cursor!

2 Learning

In the field of learning computers are also used. It is not the way we do now by using computers to get information, it is the reverse. Computers become the basis of the brain in getting its needed information. The question of  would-be chips implanted for this case is bot that strange as 10 years ago. The computer-based learning is equally effective for mentally-sick people.

1 Nanobots

Getting the different technological devices and developments above available in a small size requires the inclusion of nanotechnology. Then, these methods will be injected to travel to the desired place.

Having such mind-boggling options says that technology is traveling very fast that we will not be able to cope. Keep yourself and us updated and share the knowledge that might avail us!

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