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Top 10 Biggest Bridges in USA

Speaking of bridges, it is tempting to say that United States of America is not the country that is famous for the greatest, biggest, or highest bridges anymore. It has once been, but now China with its flourishing economy is inaugurating a number of bridges every year. For example it opened in 2010 one of the longest bridges in the World. It started recently to take America’s place in something that has been very famous for. Still, the United States includes and continues to build the best bridges in the world. The following is our list of the biggest American bridges, and some of them could be the tallest or highest as well. You will find some which you have not heard their name before. So check them and add yours!

10 Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

In Louisiana, 15 feet above Lake Pontchartrain, the bridge rolls in a beautiful roller coaster style that may be somehow scary for some people. It starts in Metairie and ends in Mandeville.

9 Captain William Moore Bridge

In Alaska, the Captain William Moore Bridge is not only one of the biggest but the strangest bridges in US as well. The bridge was built to pass through an earthquake zone. The end of the bridge is tied very well so that in case of an earthquake, the bridge does not explode.

8 Deception Pass Bridge

In Washington, the Deception Pass Bridge links the Whidbey with the Fidalgo Island. It is nearly about 1500 feet length. It has been built 180 feet over water. Some scary views may be seen coming out of the water below the bridge, that’s why the name Deception.

7 Seven Mile Bridge

Though being one of the biggest and most amazing bridges, the Florida Keys’ Seven-Mile-long Bridge is often hit by many hurricanes. Because of this an arch was built to protect passengers from water and wind. This arch was 60-foot-high. Still people do not prefer this bridge during a hurricane.

6 William Preston Lane

In Maryland, this 5-miles-long bridge is always a source of fear for many people and drivers all over the country. It is one of the bridges that is often hit by storms in the US. The problem is that if you were there during a storm, you will not be able to move further as you will not be able to see anything.

5 Mackinac bridge

In Michigan, the 5-miles-long Mackinac is another source of fear for drivers. Though it is 199 feet above the water, storms could ruin your day if it happened while you are there. The Mackinac Bridge Authority realizes this and helps drivers through it by driving their cars for them over the bridge!

4 Royal Gorge Bridge

In the Royal Gorge of Colorado, the 1260-feet-long bridge stands 969 feet above the gorge. This bridge is seen as a scary one by some people, but not because of winds, storms, or hurricanes. The Royal Gorge is America’s highest suspension bridge, that’s why. Acrophobia anyone?

3 Jubilee Parkway

The 8-feet-long Jubilee in the South of Alabama is built across Mobile Bay. Due to the gathering of many sea creatures like fish and crabs in Mobile Bay, this bridge was called Jubilee.

2 Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

The Atchafalaya links Lafayette to Baton Rouge, a distance that takes the bridge over 18 miles to pass.

1 Manchac Swamp Bridge

A 22-long-mile bridge is our number one on this list. Like the one in the Florida Keys, the bridge is eye-catching when photographed from a helicopter. It is located in Louisiana over the Manchac Swamp.

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