TOP 10 Websites For Kids That They Will Enjoy

Internet is the common method of entertaining for adults and kids alike. For the later, however, using internet is a bit tricky for the plethora of inappropriate sites they may mistakenly stumble upon. Still, grumbling kids in summer time is trickier. The following list of websites is the compromise that relieves you of this headache.


The website is absolutely for all kids from the preschoolers to 12 years of age. However, the website started recently to feature adult news and ads that do not fit their end users. With a good number of games, science and sports advices; the website should have graded better than the last in the list if it were not for the ads issue.


For kids who have a musical talent, this one is a fab. It teaches your kids about music through teaching them scales and the pieces of great composers. With a sketch pad and rhythm band, kids will have a life-like simulation of music classes at home. Even if your kids are not the would-be musicians you expect, they still can have some good time there.


It is one good website that will employ your kids energy in a very good way, it is the fun for everything. From science to jokes, is offering to your kids the best resort. The best of the website is its interactivity. Kids would share various things from their favorite food, jokes, and tricks. “The Laboratory” is where they can get some real useful time through the explanation of certain experiments that could be simulated at home.

7 Canadian Geographic Kids

Speaking of science and learning, the Geographic kids is the best of the bunch. Though focused on the geography of Canada, there is still a lot to learn. Space for the kids to share their summer experience is provided as well. So in the summer, they still mix learning with fun!

6 Canadian Living Kid’s Crafts

Another good Canadian website for kids is this one that can teach the young lads and girls working with their hands and make a plethora of beautiful things. They can make a cup out of a cartoon or join the Cup and Saucer for other likewise ideas.

5 CBC Kids

A third Canadian website is the branching of the channel for kids. The website is the homely home for preschoolers where the puzzles and games fit and stimulate their age and minds respectively. The CBC channel chooses the best of its shows to post on the website. Yard Trix, Spy Net and Net HQ are the favorite games for the kids visiting the website.

4 Kaboose

Dubbed Kids Domain, the Kaboose is one of the safest websites for the young age. The website is divided according to users age between the Funschool and Zeeks. Funschool targets preschoolers where puzzles and board games are the dominant in gaming, as for Zeeks adds celebs news that targets up to 14 of age.


The story behind the website encourages both parents and kids to subscribe here. The website was created by a couple who, when got their first girl, decided that they would build a website for her to enjoy until she becomes ten years old.

2 Doodle

For kids developing artistic talents, this is your harbor and Doodle is your teacher. Your teacher, though, is an anime but still of bespoken abilities. You will be apprenticed to learn on the paint pads. The best of the website is the art gallery, in which the kids will take pride in their work of art.

1 Story

The Children’s Digital Library is divided into pre-school library, elementary library and the book hive. The website won an award of excellence and the reason is clear. The website encourages kids to read in a very enjoyable and attractive way.

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