Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

With Christmas a few days away, everyone around the globe must be busy with the preparations. Everybody must be busy shopping for clothes, gifts, and other holiday essentials throughout these days.

Something that people are excited about is to decorate their home during the festivities. But most of the time, people lack ideas and come up with the same theme from the previous year or the year previous to it. So let me tell you that it isn’t too late to do something new and crazy and bring up the spirit of the festivities.

So here I am with top 10 decorating ideas for this Christmas so that everything turns out to be Christmassy.

[su_dropcap size=”2″]1[/su_dropcap] Light up your home and garden equally

Decorate your home as well as the garden with lights. All those sparkles and twinkles will light up the souls. Don’t leave anything! Decorate your windows, doors, pillars and dormers.

Lit the shrubs and trees in your garden with light. Trim the shrubs for those perfect shapes before you light them up. Make sure you light up the every corner of your garden area.

Decorate-your-home-as-well-as-the-garden-with-lights Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]2[/su_dropcap] Decorate the doors for must

Family, friends, carollers, guests -everyone sees your front door before they enter in. So put in some efforts to make them look beautiful. Add a beautiful wreath, ribbons, garlands, porch decorations and everything to make it different from others. You can easily have them from online store M&S at great prices simply by using Mark and Spencer Voucher code.

Again, make sure to decorate the place just right next to the door which people will first notice when they get in. It is all about making everyone feel Hey!! It’s CHRISTMAS!!!!

Decorate-the-doors-for-christmas-675x900 Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]3[/su_dropcap] Decorate the gardens

Go for oversized decorating items like Santa, reindeer, snowman, and everything in your garden. To keep things safe, make sure all the lighting cords are hidden from the view of the people. This can be a treat to the eyes of the people who are out to see the Christmas decorations in the neighbourhood.

decorating-items-like-Santa-reindeer-snowman-and-everything-in-your-garden-675x764 Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]4[/su_dropcap] Go for the windows

When it comes to decorations, people almost forget the windows. But trust me this is the best place to decorate and show some talents. You can use snowflakes, wreaths, candles and other decoration items across all the windows of your home.

Again, you can place your Christmas tree near the window. If you have a big window then passers-by can easily get the view of the Christmas tree laden with all those lights and decorations.

decoration-items-across-all-the-windows Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]5[/su_dropcap] Use more candles

Make use of candles to decorate each and every room in your home. You can either place the candles on the windows or on the tables. To get more effect, you can make use of the scented candles that are available in the market. You can easily find such candles online and even grab a good deal from

candles-to-decorate-each-and-every-room-675x492 Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]6[/su_dropcap] Go traditional with the fireplace

No Christmas decoration is complete without the fireplace decorations, right? So add up the stockings, lights, pine boughs and everything to get the classic look. Always know that fireplace is the centre of attraction of the Christmas celebrations.

fireplace-decorations Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]7[/su_dropcap] Bring in some artwork

Try to find a few pieces of art that can match the style of your home. Use them at different places to get the ultimate look. You can even use the photographs, paintings, cards, etc. for the same.

artwork Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]8[/su_dropcap] Get some indoor plants

If you don’t have indoor plants then it is time to bring in few. Try to bring in pine boughs, holly, mistletoe, poinsettias and others that can add fun to the Christmas time. You can either use them as a centrepiece on the tables or as decorating items around the home. Try to use those plants that can add more glitter to the holidays.

Christmas-indoor-plants-675x369 Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]9[/su_dropcap] Use the holiday trinkets

We all have the collection of trinkets from past years. Group them together at different places and decorate your home. You can hang them or place them on the tables, drawers, storage places, etc.

holiday-trinkets-christmas Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

[su_dropcap size=”2″]10[/su_dropcap] Turn on the festive aroma

Christmas smells are something that uplifts our souls and makes us feel good. You can do this by making potpourri, cinnamon waters, reed diffuser, scented wax, etc. You can even use different scents for different rooms for the fresh feel.

potpourri-cinnamon-waters-reed-diffuser-scented-wax Top 10 Best Ways To Turn Your Home All Christmassy

Decorating for Christmas is all about fun. It is the time when the whole family gets together do their bit to make the festive celebration a huge hit. Try out these ideas this Christmas season and turn your home a bit more Christmassy.


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