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Top 10 Best Social Auto Post Scripts for 2018

Whether it comes to digital marketing or even for getting more number of followers for your social media accounts, it is important to post engaging content with proper frequency. Take a look at the top 10 best social auto post scripts for 2018 that are trending today. These can be very useful for handling your accounts on social media platforms, and to manage your marketing campaigns.

1 NextScripts

It is a robust Project Management System that can be used by freelancers and can help manage team members, clients, and projects, as Hootsuite does. Users can monitor tasks and collaborate with teams with ease. This is a tight script that can ensure protection from XSS attacks and CSRF attacks. The CodeIgniter Framework Version 3.1 has been used to build this software. Bcrypt encryption helps keep all the passwords safely encrypted. The prime features of the application include Team management, Client management, Timesheet Management, Project management and more.

2 VTGram – Instagram Tool for Marketing

The script lets users post videos and images automatically from the desktop, whether from a Macbook or a PC. It comes with powerful features such as Auto Follow Back, Auto Unfollow, Auto Direct Message, Social Login, Auto Like Search and Auto Comment. It helps harness the power of Instagram and getting highly targeted active IG followers. There is the option to save and manage posts, send direct messages, search top users and hashtags quickly and do more.

3 Instagram Auto Post & Scheduler – Nextpost Instagram

This script lets users to auto-post albums, stories, videos, photos and more on Instagram. It also helps manage and schedule multiple accounts on the platform simultaneously. The system can help you post and evaluate all the posts from a single panel, and save a lot of time that would be otherwise lost in managing more than one account on Instagram. With features such as Post Now, Schedule posts, Stripe Integration, PayPal Integration, Cloud Drives, Multi Instagram Accounts and more, it helps in leveraging Instagram for marketing purposes with complete ease.

4 VTPoster – Facebook Marketing Tool

This software helps use autopilot for your Facebook account, and draw a higher amount of traffic. This marketing tool boasts of a wide range of features such as Auto Post that helps post content to numerous users as well as to closed or secret groups, the Wall of friends and more. You can choose all the fan pages of your choice and post videos, images, links, status, etc. to automatically have them displayed to your followers. The features like Auto join groups, Auto add friends, Auto unfriends, Auto invite to groups and more can help you to leverage the power of Facebook.

5 GramEasy – Instagram Automatic Tool

This software tool lets you control your Instagram account automatically, and can let you attract more and more followers round the clock. There are features such as Targets that can let you find targets easily with more than one selection of feed timeline, usernames, locations, hashtags and more. You can benefit from other useful features like Auto Activity, Advanced Filters, Comments, Hashtags, etc. The “Blacklist” feature can let you avoid users who are trying to spam your hashtag.

6 Tiger Post – Facebook Auto Post Multi Pages/Groups/Profiles

This script helps you to limit liked pages, groups and more on every user. The new version lets you combine photos and videos in the same post. You can add further information on the profile page and easily increase the number of followers on Facebook with the auto post feature.

7 Twitter Auto Post Multi Accounts

For people who are tired of promoting their brand on Twitter, this type of script can be quite useful. With these scripts, you can inch closer to your marketing objectives. On Twitter, it is possible to set up a marketing campaign with plenty of useful features such as Random post, Repost post, Report posts and support for all three types of the post such as Video, Image and Text & Link. You can support more than an account on Twitter, and make your marketing more comprehensive.

8 PinPinterest

The script helps users to schedule pins and auto-schedule pins each day. It is possible to have the script run on autopilot and to have your content discovered by numerous active users on Pinterest across various niches. You can pin fresh content from your blog or website, and have useful links pinned to the boards of your choice. This is a safe script that can make your account safe to use. As it runs entirely on the Cloud, there is no need to download and install it. You can have it operating round the clock without keeping your browser or PC turned on. It comes with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

9 Social Ninja – Facebook Twitter Youtube Campaigner

It is possible to use the script for scheduling campaigns and ensure content creation for accounts on Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. You can use the app to upload bulk contents and have them scheduled to post them on your social profiles at a later time. With Content creator, you can download videos and images, edit videos and photos and create content that is rich in quality. With Social Ninja, you can sort posts out based on the negative responses of your fans and delete them automatically on the basis of your preferences.

10 Warbler

This is a tiny script with a little dashboard that can let you manage your content on social media platforms. It lets content scheduling and queuing, arranging accounts on social media and saving a lot of time. The app is useful for freelancers, professionals and even social media companies particularly when it comes to managing more than one client. There are plenty of useful features such as Multiple Social Accounts, Unlimited Clients, Photo & Video and more. You can get support for posting more than one photo. You can set up the script with a lot of ease, as it is created with Laravel, and can be installed easily on servers that match the requirements.