Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

Shakespeare is one of the best playwrights of all ages. Though became famous in the English community of the 16th century, he moved from there to all around the world without even moving from his place. Some claim that Shakespeare’s fame was due to the lack of competitors at the time. It is however a very lame argument, since Shakespeare is maintaining his status as a dramatist since the 16th century and till now. The English as well as the American consider that whatever Shakespeare wrote is as sacred as the Bible.

10 Hamlet

One of the best plays written ever by Shakespeare is the story of three daughters put under a difficult examination by their father. They are tested whether they will choose the kingdom or their father’s support. The play shows how a king of an old age can realize in the very end of his life that he did not learn much of it.

hamlet Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

9 Henry IV

The play is based on the life story of king Henry of England. Shakespeare followed a sequel in this play starting with Richard II then Henry IV and adding a third part to it under the name Henry IV as well.

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8 Romeo and Juliet

Shakespeare has created a love story that goes surpassed any love story ever written. It became a model for every story written after it and to come. In many countries the names of Romeo and Juliet, as a result, became connected with sincere love. It is the story of two teenagers whose families were opposing each other and their love was intercepted.

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7 Midsummer Night’s Dream

The play tells the story of lovers in Athens. Their love story is a strange one as Theseus and Hippolyta fall in love with fairies.

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6 Richard III

Richard III is one of Shakespeare’s longest plays. Its length is a setback in the way of schools teaching it. As it recounts many actual events from the life of Richard III, it is considered one of the documentaries for this period. Schools often get it shorter by removing the lines of secondary characters.

Richard-III-book Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

5 Julius Caesar

Another historical play is that of Julius Caesar. It tells of the conspiracy woven around the king by his friend which led to the king’s death. In the backdrop there was the conflict in the English throne which the first performance of the play reflected.

71j8z83vCyL Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

4 Twelfth Night

The play is a comedy, a satirical kind of comedy, in which people falls in love with the wrong persons. Viola changes her identity to look like a man in order to look for her brother. The duke trusts Viola as a man and she falls in love with him.

twelfth_night Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

3 The Winter’s Tale

One of the best romantic plays after Romeo and Juliet is The Winter’s Tale. The play is one of the later plays written by Shakespeare and debuted in the 16th century. Different comic and tragic elements are included in the play.

32e66828581ce3d2f08554ea85eeecf7 Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

2 The Tempest

The Tempest is Shakespeare’s best works of art because of the complexity of the plot and the intricate events. The power of forgiveness is what Shakespeare stresses for people and nations.

The-Tempest Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

1 Much Ado about Nothing

The light effect the play leaves on people is caused mainly by the secondary characters. It is one of Shakespeare’s best comedies that ends happily.

much-ado-about-nothing-william-shakespeare-1-638 Top 10 Best Shakespearean Plays

Shakespeare’s works are all hailed by every English reader that it is difficult to classify his works in a top ten essay. That’s why I intrigue you to share your favorite books below along with the best lessons you have learned from.

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