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Top 10 Best Selling Christmas Products in 2018

Looking for the best Christmas gifts for people on your list might be a bit tricky. There are particular must-get items that your kids would steer you gladly toward through their yearly letters. It’s also fun to surprise your loved ones. If you’re thinking of a great Christmas gift to give, here are ten of the best selling Christmas products suited for everyone.

10 Azalea Christmas Tree

For beautiful, breathtakingly Christmas table centerpiece, you don’t have to look further than Azalea Christmas tree. Available in different colors, these beautiful plants bloom year after year.

9 Mobile Lens Kit

Don’t listen to them complaining about the quality of the camera of their phone with Urban Outfitters mobile lens kit. This comes with three various lenses, which include macro, wide-angle, and fish eye. All strapped into a key clip to make sure they will not lose it accidentally.

8 Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch Series 2 will definitely be at the top of numerous wish lists this Christmas season. The new version is waterproof and has a brighter display and comes with GPS.

7 Smartphone Projector

Give your loved ones a portable cinema in a box with Smartphone Projector. Made from a cardboard and designed to look retro, Smartphone Projector films from the smartphone into the wall, which turns anything from YouTube videos to Vines into cinematic masterpieces. However, it needs a really dark place to work and it’s dim.

And there are more sophisticated projectors if you liked the idea but want more effective results.

6 Seed Tins

The soggy seeds are something that every gardener wants to endure, so the safest place in which to store seeds is important. These seed tins are based on front covers of 2 old Suttons catalogs and feature great heritage designs. Providing the perfect haven for the seeds to be stowed away in, it’s a practical and an attractive gift that no gardener must be without.

5 PlayStation VR

This holiday season, you may grant everyone the gift of something that’s only in science fiction. With PlayStation VR, it will transport you to a whole new place. It’s a popular gift for gamers out there.

4 Lumee Lighted Selfie iPhone 6 Plus Case

You will never go wrong with the Lumee iPhone case that has LED lights, providing perfect video chat lighting and selfie wherever they are.

3 Personalized Crates

The ideal gift for any occasion, such crates may be used for several uses around the garden or home. Available in seven various sizes and six colors, personalized crates could be fully personalized with the message of your choice for free of charge.

2 3Doodler Start 3D Printing Pen

It’s an easy and safe way for your kid to experience creativity in a new way. Instead of being limited to paint and pencils on paper, your kid may design and construct 3D items that spin, roll, and stand up.

1 Pokemon Moon or Pokemon Sun

Regardless of what they will say, no one grows out of their phase in Pokemon, and the newest releases are packed full of nostalgia to make noughties baby spend hours reminiscing this Christmas happily.