Top 10 Best Kids Video Games

Video games are electronic games that are played by humans using a platform. A platform includes the hardware of the game as well as the software. Platforms could be connected together, as the case in PCs and PDAs. The World Wide Web is recently considered a game platform as well. Many games are downloadable over the internet but the most famous are the ones sold on DVDs. The following are the top 10 of them.

10 Pokemon Art Academy

Pokemon is doing a great job in this video game. Unlike many games that targets only engrossing kids and allowing for a great deal of suspense and action which makes it loved by lids that they line stores to buy it; this one teaches. As its name indicates, the Art Academy will teach your kid to be a good artist and enables him to get the best of drawing techniques.

9 Disney Magical World

This one is not didactic like the Pokemon teacher, but it is still a safe game and amusing. Kids will have the character of some Disney figures, and do missions ordered by them. What kind of kid is this for? This one is a kind of quiet game so adventure is not the major pillar at all. Kids will have to collect stuff and change clothes.

8 Professor Layton VS Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney

Looking for adventure? This is absolutely the one. The game is mainly based on puzzles to the extent that young kids might get confused at first, but then things will be o.k. So you can say that the game is for an older child not a kid.

7 LEGO Batman 3

AS a center of interest from children all over the world, LEGO products succeeded in getting to the heart of children gaming and almost are on equal footing with Disney. Building things with LEGO used to be the standard game for ages. Video games made by LEGO are no exception, and Batman 3 is the best of all the versions issued.

6 Pokemon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire

This Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire abbreviated ORAS and went out to the public under this abbreviation as well. The game is unique because it is not a child thing. Adults also love and enjoy the game. The greatest thing about it is that they went on reviving the classical game of Ruby, so kids will love it even more.

5 Mario Kart 8

The game fits both the professional players and the novices who have just trying their hands at video games. The story of the game is serious and players will find it a bit sad at times as it shows the villain doing good and getting everything. Kids are recommended to play it with friends so that they enjoy it more.

4 Disney Infinity 2.0

The Marvel Super Heroes from Disney is the kind of toy box in which you will have the loved characters of the Brave movie to play through. The game is available for many platforms including Xbox30.

3 Skylanders Trap Team

Skylanders is one of these games that was based on a toy box. It is a good idea that sells, toys are loved and get famous easily among kids. Making a game or a movie based on a toy they love will definitely make it spread fast.

2 PvZ: Garden Warfare

A mixture of the first-person shooter of Call of Duty and the third-person shooter of Zombies; the Garden Warfare is a very enjoyable game that makes kids lose themselves in it for hours.

1 Super Smash Bros

This one is loved by kids and adults of different ages. Think of kids and adults playing and enjoying the game together, this is how Super Smash is!

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