Top 10 Best Jobs for Women To Work For

Stereotypical thinking around women tends to pigeonhole their abilities in certain boxes that carry specific names. Do’s and don’ts for ladies get an increase when you enter the zone of undeveloped countries. Reasons are clear, good education and experience that should have wiped these stereotypes are lacking among other important agents.

This gender bias, however, is one of the lingering problems that technology has not erased. In effect of this stream of thought, it is common to find many people categorizing women’s job according to what is suitable and what is not. The following are what society sees as the best for her:

10 Personal Trainer

Salary: $31.000

The personal trainer job though one of the least paid, yet the benefits behind it are great for your health. You could have some office job that requires setting 8 hours in a row and spend a considerable amount of your big salaries on getting fit. Here you do it and get paid, fair enough!

9 Interior Designer

Salary: $46.000

A professional degree is needed here to get you this job. Interior design is responsible for making the decoration of the inside of a building like rooms, living rooms, and in most cases companies and offices. In the past, this job was combined with that of an architect. Now they are fully independent of it and such discrepancy is seen like this, one works out and the other works inside the house.

8 ESL Instructor

Salary: $47.000

Teaching English as Second Language (ESL) is a job that will not require a specific degree as long as you are a native English speaker. You just need to have a craving to teach to be able to enjoy the Asian accent, no offense intended!

7 Reputation Manager

Salary: $58.000

The term will hit your ears as unfamiliar but definitely you have a good notion for what they do. Like the public relations manager, the reputation manager takes to care of the company’s reputation over the internet. She does so by following up on everything that is written about the company wherever it might be, on social media, blogs, and the website itself.

6 Digital strategist

Salary: $60.000

This job does not require a specific certificate, instead, you know everything about social media; tough requirements, right? The work of a digital strategist revolves around tweaking the website experience so that they become more engrossing and enjoyable.

5 Landscape Architect

Salary: 62.000

Now, this is a job for a specialized degree. If you are an architect who get her training, you may have a secure future here. It is important to mention that landscape architects can design every architectural building outdoors.

4 Physical Therapist (PT)

Salary: $76.000

Physiotherapy is a rewarding profession away from its salary. The therapist is able to see her patients getting better each day through her own help. Physical therapists also do other tasks like researching patient’s cases and histories, educating, and offering advice. As a physician, your patients are not age-bounded, so you deal with both kids and adults.

3 Video Game Designer

Salary: $81.000

Although there is a stereotype going around this profession as male-dominated, yet ladies are powerfully present. Video games are fun but making them is seriousness itself. Web designing and coding may be somewhat complex but still one of the highest-paid.

2 Healthcare Technology Manager

Salary: $83.000

One of the relatively new jobs that creates a link between health care and programming is the health care technology manager. Your job will revolve around patients’ histories and building a database for it.

1 Physicians’ Assistant (PA)

Salary: $86.000

PAs are entitled to do medical examinations for patients, check histories, and diagnostic tests. You have to have a master’s degree in science or clinical health. Though the title is pretty old, since it originated 4 decades ago, the number of PAs is not that big.

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