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Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2019

Intelligence agencies collect information through many legal and illegal means like spying, recording phone calls and working with other intelligences around the world. Mind control or what is publicly known as brainwashing is one of these illegal means. They have also to analyze this information and work on the feedback. Any psychological strategy that sucks people’s control over their mind or free will considered mind control. The stage of assessment is the most important one. In it, members use the information to build a vision for future actions, for example, they try to expect what may happen in the future and choose courses of action based on this information. Beneficiaries of the intelligence work could be the government, the military, or some commercial organizations. Intelligence agencies keep security systems alert of whatever plots are going on as well as thwarting them both domestically and transnationally. The following is the top ten best intelligence agencies around the world:

10 The Canadian Security Intelligent Service (CSIS)

Many intelligence agencies followed the example of CIA and MI6, CSIS is one of them. In 1985, CSIS inquired the Indian airline crime, which killed about 282 of the Canadian people. The mastermind of the crime has not arrested until today, this made the Canadian people to start doubt the system.

9 Australian Secret Intelligent Service (ASIS)

Though founded as early as 1952, ASIS began to collaborate with other intelligence agencies like CIA only recently. As security intelligences around the world are always questionable by media and the public, ASIS is no exception. In the 1990s many Australian doubted the agency was collecting secret information about them.

8 The Indian Research and Analysis Wing (R&AW)

Founded in 1968, R&AW is not subject to the provisions of the Indian parliament. Pakistan is where the R&AW is intensifying its effort.Pakistan is the country where India is intensifying its intelligence work since the war they had together.

7 The Israeli Mossad

One of the most famous security intelligences in Israel and the whole world is Mossad. Metsada, whichis involved in many illegal clandestine operations, became the most famous part of it. Collections Department is another important wing. Its intelligence work covers foreign countries like Egypt, Algeria, Cyprus, Spain, London, Paris, and Marseilles.

6 The German BND

During the Second World War, the BND’s main mission was to collect information about Russia, secret and otherwise. BND’s notoriety was a result of recording many phone calls for a number of journalists as well as spying over them.

5 The Pakistani Interservices Intelligence (ISI)

ISI founded in the 1980s when it tried and succeeded inpreventing the killing attempt of Zia-ul-Haq, the Pakistani president.

4 The French Direction Générale de la Sécurité Extérieure (DGSE)

In the 1980s after its foundation, the DGSE discovered a large-scale espionage made by the Soviet Union over not only France but also the whole Europe. It is consideredto be the widest spying operation up to date.

3 The Russian GRU

Lenin founded the GRU in 1918 that took over all Russian intelligence work since then. Its major accomplishment is the murder of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, the Chechen presid .

2 The British MI6

The MI6 founded before WWI under the name the Secret Intelligence Service in order to monitor what the German were doing. MI6 and CIA were the catalyst for the toppling of the Congo regime in 1961.

1 The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Founded in 1974, CIA is one of the major intelligences in the United States. It is based in Virginia, in the west Washington, D.C. It gathers information about foreigners, analyzing it, and giving the results to policymakers.

These different intelligences are sometimes accused of spying over their people since the Snowden accident with CIA. Although some people are ready to accept that their governments are doing things in their favor; many others do not trust their systems.

 Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in the World 2019

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