Top 10 Best Countries for Education

Where can you find the best education? & What are the most educated countries?

Education has a great importance in our life and it is not only important for educated persons, but it is also substantial for the whole country to live a better life. There are specific countries which are considered to be the best for education and there are many reasons that lead to this result of presenting high-quality education. It may be because of the country itself or the government that cares about education as the most important sector in the country and allocates huge budgets for education because they believe that it is the most important thing for any country to achieve progress in other sectors and to secure a better life for its people.

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Another reason for good education is the population growth rate that has a great effect as these countries which suffer from the high rate of population growth that increases rapidly ignore the education sector and this can be found in the undeveloped countries, while other developed countries that do not suffer from high population growth rate care about different sectors in the country especially the education for achieving prosperity and progress. It is not necessary for you to live in one of the best countries for education in order to get the best education that guarantees you the best future because there are some students who do not give up and travel to these countries that offer the best education.


In order to know to which country you should travel to get the best education, we present to you the following top 10 best countries for education that are considered to be the most educated countries depending on the tertiary education level.

1. Russia

It is also known as the Russian Federation. It is considered to be the best county for education because it is ranked as the most educated country as the percentage of population with tertiary education in Russia is 53.5% which is the highest if it is compared to other developed countries.


2. Canada

I t is ranked as the second most educated country and the second country for offering the best education. The percentage of population with tertiary education in this country is 51.3%.


3. Japan

It is known as one of the most developed countries which is technologically advanced and this is because of giving a special care to education. The percentage of population with tertiary education in this country is 46.4%.


4. Israel

Why not if there are scientists from Israel who won the Nobel Prize? The percentage of population with tertiary education in Israel is 46.4% like Japan.


5. The United States

Although it spends a lot of money for presenting a good education to its students across all level, it is ranked as the fifth most educated country as the percentage of population with tertiary education in it is 42.5%.

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6. Korea

The percentage of population with tertiary education in Korea is 40.4%.


7. United Kingdom

The percentage of population with tertiary education in the United Kingdom is 39.4%.

United Kingdom

8. New Zealand

The percentage of population with tertiary education in New Zealand is 39.3%.

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9. Finland

The percentage of population with tertiary education in Finland is like New Zealand as it is 39.3%.

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10. Australia

It is the last one to be ranked on the list of the top 10 best countries for education as the percentage of population with tertiary education in it is 38.3%.


In which country do you live? & To which country do you want to travel?

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