Top 10 Best Construction Tools List

Whether you’re working in a construction firm or you just want to do some DIY, you need to have the best tools for the job. Fortunately, there are plenty of tools out there that you can buy readily in stores or online. I do have to point out that these tools, although highly effective, should be used with caution. You have to know how to use them first before buying them.

So, without further ado, here are the best ten construction tools:

1 Cordless Compact Sanders

If you need to smoothen out the edges of, say, a wooden door or something similar, you need to make use of sanders. For those of you who are unfamiliar, sanders make use of special sand-like material to correctly and effectively smoothen out rough edges. This is mainly used in construction and engineers, but luckily for you, you can buy one as there are already cordless compact sanders.

Back in the day, sanders required a lot of power from the outlet and although it does the job, it is quite cumbersome to use because of the wires. Now, that is a thing of the past and you can use one of the cordless compact sanders with ease. They usually come with batteries that last a long time and have various attachments that are fit for a specific job. Plus, they’re compact and lighter than the sanders of old, so that is a huge benefit!

1 cordless compavt sander Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 1

Cordless Compact sander 2 Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 2

2 M12 Compact Charger and Power Source

Most power tools make use of an M12 battery (this is a standard battery) and since it is using a battery, it would need some charging from time to time. Isn’t it cumbersome to have the power tools being plugged and charged only at specific locations? Well, fret no more! There are now highly-usable m12 compact chargers out there in the market, and what’s more, is that they also come with their own power source as well!

What’s also great about these compact chargers is that they can pretty much fully charge your m12 batteries in a matter of a few hours (roughly 3 hours). So, from a dead battery to fully charged, have an m12 compact charger handy every day!

M12 Compact Charger and Power Source Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 3

M12 Compact Charger and Power Source 2 Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 4

3 Greenworks Pole Saw

Are you tired of seeing those pesky branches that obstruct your view? Then it is time to cut them down! Conventional means would be to climb a ladder or heck, climb the tree and cutting those branches down. But, that can be pretty dangerous, especially if you’re not accustomed to doing those things. Luckily, there are now pole saws that will significantly help you. These pole saws are battery-operated, and they act like a miniature chainsaw that can easily cut down branches. You can also cut other things, and it will do the job quite nicely.

Greenworks Pole Saw Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 5

Greenworks Pole Saw 2 Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 6

4 Construction Tarps

When you’re working on something that should not come into contact with water or you want your working area to stay as clean as possible, it is important that you have them covered.

For such purpose, you will need the help of tarpaulins, but not just any type but multipurpose waterproof tarps. The tarps will help to keep the water at bay and prevent it from ever reaching the protected materials. For example, things like cement should not come into contact with water, and this tool can pretty much help you in that regard.

Construction Tarp Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 7

Construction Tarps Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 8

5 DAP Smartbond Adhesives

If you want to stick together some things such as plywood and the like, you will need to have an adhesive as a bonding agent. There are adhesive cartridges out there that do the job, but it would require a lot of them to work.

Guess what? There is a revolutionary product that does all that, and the catch is that it is a lot cheaper and provides a better bond. The DAP Smartbond Adhesive is an amazing product; it helps you work smarter, not harder. What this product does is that it acts as a bonding agent, similar to an adhesive cartridge, but it’s much stronger and requires only a fraction of the agent on the platform.

One cartridge of the DAP adhesive equates to 8 normal adhesive cartridges which save you a lot of money. The foamy adhesive transforms into a strong gel that ensures that your construction materials stick together nicely.

DAP Smartbond Adhesive Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 9

6 Hilti PR 2-HS Rotating Laser

Do you want a tool that can do a lot for you? Specifically, do you want a tool that can help you level a formwork, transfer and check heights, set out slopes, and can also be used for excavation?

Well, all of those things can be done by the Hilti PR 2-HS Rotating Laser. This tool is very easy to use that even a layman can operate it with ease. A simple one-button operation will do the trick. It calculates and measures accurately so that you will perform the most precise operations smoothly. The tool is encased in a rugged IP66 certified housing and it also comes with four shock-absorbing handles that will ensure that it is tough enough for whatever you need it to do.

6. Hilti PR 2 HS Rotating Laser Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 10

Hilti PR 2 HS Rotating Laser Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 11

7 Bosch PS31-21 12-Volt Max Drill

If you need something to drill up some holes for electrical purposes, for example, then you will need a driller that you can rely on. How about something from a renowned brand? The Bosch PS31-21 12v Max Drill is a perfect tool if you are looking for the best screwdriver and a drill in one package. The tool only weighs a little over two pounds, and it comes complete with the accessories that you need to have it up and running in seconds.

It includes the drill, two 12v lith-ion batteries, a charger, two commonly used screwdriver bits, and one convenient carrying bag to house them all. If you need a quick drill, this tool does the job well.

7. Bosch PS31 21 12 Volt Max Drill Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 12

Bosch PS31 21 12 Volt Max Drill Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 13

8 Milwaukee 13-inch Jobsite Work Box

If you’re in the construction business, you will need a lot of different tools as they are great for different purposes. In order for you to get them to your destination, you will need a handy and trusty toolbox.

The Milwaukee 13-inch Jobsite WorkBox is an amazing toolbox, and it is quite durable as well. It has some dividers for the screwdrivers and other tools that you will need. Think of this as a sturdy house for all of your tools which you can bring with you anywhere.

Milwaukee 13 inch Jobsite Work Box Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 14

Milwaukee 13 inch Jobsite Work Box 2 Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 15

9 Utility Knife

Do you need to cut something that is too tough for your scissors? Then you will need a trusty utility knife. This knife is designed to meet all of your cutting needs. There are plenty of options out there and you can basically pick which one you will need.

When choosing a utility knife, you will be given three specifications: the style, the blade length, and the overall length. You can choose one depending on your overall needs. Most utility knives that are commonly used today are those folding retractable ones, but you can also get a fixed one if that is your thing.

9. Utility Knife Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 16

10 Stanley 55-166 8-inch Nail Puller

Have you accidentally hammered a nail where it shouldn’t be there in the first place? If so, you will need a nail puller. But, you shouldn’t just choose any nail puller, get one that is durable enough. This is where the Stanley 55-166 8-inch nail puller comes in. It not only does what it is purported to do, but it also acts as a chisel scraper as well. It is forged with high-carbon steel, and it is heat-treated for that added durability. This does the job, and it will last a long time.

Stanley Top 10 Best Construction Tools List - 17


When it comes to construction or some DIY, you need to have specific tools for the job. The tools I’ve mentioned will surely be helpful to you. Have some, if not, all of them at bay so that you can fix or build whenever you need to!

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