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Top 10 Best Cities in Canada to Work

Between two oceans, the Atlantic and the Pacific, the Canadian territories spread. Ten provinces make up this biggest country in North America. Famous among them are Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

At the beginning of the 19th century, Canada was the land where immigrants from Ireland and U.K and Europe headed to. This immigration trend continues to exist in the modern day which raised the number of population in the last 20 years 5.6 million people. The drive behind it is the country’s powerful economy and most successful shopping centers. It is one of the biggest exporters of energy in the world. So whether you are an immigrant or a native and want to make money, here is where you shall look for a job.

10 Ottawa

Despite being the capital of Canada, Ottawa is the tenth in our list due to the great competition that is a standard of every capital all around the world. The city is one where unemployment kept to minimum but still living there will cost you a lot.


9 Waterloo

Located in Ontario, Waterloo is a small city yet has a growing workforce. With a powerful economic status in the Canadian community, Waterloo offers sufficient insurance for people working there. The city is home for a considerable number of technological centers in case the job seekers are geek-type of persons!


8 Toronto

As the provincial capital of Canada, Toronto is a very populous city with a long history. As the 5 largest banks in Canada lies here it is a matter of fact that the best job opportunities of the city are featured here, granted that competition is the other face of the coin.


7 Calgary

Alberta, where Calgary lies, is the largest producer of oil and gas; it is where people can make money quick. Consequently, Calgary is the city where plenty of jobs in the industry as well as tourism sectors are increasing.


6 Montreal

As one of the largest cities in the Quebec province, Montreal has one million and half of inhabitants. The city has 4 universities and most university graduates are living in the city. The biggest number of internships and opportunities for college graduates are here in Montreal.


5 Regina

Located in Saskatchewan, Regina is the city where the natural resources are prolific. The city has plenty of Oil, gas and Sodium sulphite which make it the home of Canadian industry. As you guess, this industrial bent is the reason behind job opportunities in Regina, which makes it the fifth city in our list.


4 Winnipeg

Winnipeg is the city where you can open your business in Canada as it saves your money compared to other Canadian cities. If you are not after a business for your own, you still can look for job because the business boom is calling for workers. So go hunting!


3 Kamloops

In the mainland of British Columbia, Kamloops continuous growth led to calling for jobs from different cities in Canada. Actually, the city offers jobs in nearly every sector including part-time job offers that increase in number especially in resorts.


2 Nanaimo

As it is located in one of the flourishing Canadian lands – the Vancouver-Nanaimo is always in need of workers. The city does mainly ask for nurses in specific. If you have the training they need you will absolutely grab the job since competition is scarce.


1 Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the number one city to look for a job, why? It is unique, that unlike every big city where its people have a hard time finding a job and have to change residents for the sake of it. Saskatoon is not, the blooming number of population is calling for workers.


Looking for a place to work in should not be confined to your city or country, people live on earth to get contact with many others who are different from them. It just needs courage to find a better chance.


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