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Top 10 Advertising Companies in Dubai To Follow

If you want to be a successful businessman, you have to increase the awareness of your brand, boost your sales and generate more earnings. The only solution for achieving all of these dreams is to promote your business through advertising and other solutions that are offered by different advertising agencies and marketing companies that are located in several places around you.

You have to look for the best advertising company that works for you and allows you to satisfy your needs whatever they are. You have to spend some money to be able to get high revenues later on. Choosing the best advertising company for you does not only depend on your budget, but it also depends on the needs of your business that differ according to its size and the customers that your business targets. Here are top 10 advertising companies in Dubai that can help you to grow your business and boost your profits.

10. Alter Ego

You can find it in DEC Business Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers its advertising services that are related to identity and website design.

Alter Ego

9. Easy Media 

It is located in Mardoof Building A, Al Safa 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It started its business in 2001 to offer its advertising services for both individuals and businesses.

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8. Damas Advertising 

It is one of the leading advertising agencies that are based in Dubai. It provides its customers with different advertising and marketing services such as printing, designing websites, social media, creative designs and ideas and branding.


7. Flip Media – Digital Advertising Agency Dubai 

It is located in Arjaan Al Sufouh Office 108, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has four offices in different countries around the world with more than 100 employees for offering its digital solutions.


6. Moulis Advertising UAE – Dubai Advertising Agency 

It is one of the largest advertising agencies in Dubai as it has more than 55 years’ experience. It was founded in 1959 and it is located in Al Thuraya Tower, Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates it services in Dubai and other countries around the world such as Europe, Africa and UAE.


5. Crayons Communications

It is situated in Dubai Media City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is experienced in presenting different services that are necessary for marketing your business such as advertising, using creative ideas for increasing the awareness of your brand and other services depending on what you need.


4. JWT Dubai 

It is an advertising agency that supplies its services to business owners whose business is based on communication solutions. It is located in Business Central Towers, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


3. AdCom Advertising & Publishing 

It is situated in Atrium Center – Khalid Ben Waleed Street, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers different services for its customers such as marketing consultancy, advertising, publishing, brand activation, event management and other related services.

AdCom Advertising & Publishing

2. O2 Network

It is one of the leading advertising agencies that is based in United Arab Emirates. It is not just one of the best advertising agencies in UAE, but in the Middle East also thanks to the quality of the services that it presents through its 70 experienced professionals. The company is located in Aspect Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


1. Prism Action Communications

It is an integrated marketing agency that is located in Lama Building – Al Barsha behind MOE, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It offers its advertising and brand building services for its customers through using the latest technology, social media tools, sites and applications and through presenting creative ideas and interactive designs. It has a group of experienced professionals who are specialized in brand building and international advertising to achieve the best results and satisfy customers.


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