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Now.. Fitness Apps on Mobile Phones

People who wants to keep always fit , are exercising in many different sports like going to Gym , swimming , running , lift weights , walking , cycling or going to yoga lessons , just to be fit . But , the companies of mobile phones offer the service of applications to its mobile phones to make the customers feel more comfortable .

Blackberry through its electronic store and for the first time set up applications of health and fitness for its mobile phones . It published many application on  the home page of the electronic store ” World App ” ; applications of yoga classes and exercises of relaxing . In one of these applications called ” Endomondo ” which is like a personal coach who follows you during training , running , walking , cycling and it offers voice instructions during exercising . The ” Joy Fit ” is an application offered by Blackberry to keep fit through playing a game and enjoy with completing its levels .

The application which called ” Yoga Poses ” presents lessons of relaxing and exercises of contemplation . Yoga is very good for brain , body , behaviour and fitness .There are many applications available in others kinds of mobile phones like iPhone or iPad .

Researches were done on numbers of kids , it was found that kids who take lessons of yoga are less aggressive  and less hyper than ordinary kids . So , yoga programmes are very important at schools . The researches found that yoga makes kids concentrate well at classes , it gives them strength , makes them behave better and it provides their social skills . So , schools of US start to apply lessons of yoga into classes . Yoga is an important sport for brain , muscles and contemplation and you can do it at home , just recognize its movements .

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