5 tips when you are choosing freelance writers

Companies turn to the freelance writers’ help to complete various projects, from the small ones to hiring them for some huge and reliable projects. If we speak about various writers, we can find the variety of them in almost every niche. The very big good thing about freelancers is they are flexible and they can help you with various projects. You can also hire different professionals for various tasks to build up a team around you and avoid spending the huge amount of money on it. You can turn to the freelance writers even if you need something really small like updating the resume or completing a small advertisement text.

 About The Specialization 

Freelance writers usually specialize on the project type. They can also work within the particular industry. There are technical writers who are responsible for the specifications and the ones who are in charge of advertising. If the portfolio includes various types of work, the experienced freelancer is in front of you. All the writers’ profiles usually can be divided into the following categories.

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The content writers specialize in the blog posts, electronic books, whitepapers. They are skillful in the non-advertising niche. They localize on the content writing services.

The advertising writers are about submitting some mixed-media campaigns, slogans or the projects based on graphics.

The sales writers are specifically occupied with the projects that are conversion-based. This includes getting the click, call to action and other actions related to modifying the client’s behavior on the page.

The freelancers can be extremely helpful when it comes to making some job rapidly and with the level of quality, you exactly need. There are some limits and tips when it comes to choosing the appropriate freelance specialist. How to find the person who will perfectly match your purposes?

 Submit the great job post. 

The essential questions that might be answered in your job post are: 

What result do you need?

What is the deadline?

When to start?

This tip will help you because you will become interesting for many high-rated freelancers and they will submit more accurate proposals than if you just describe the projects in a couple of sentences. Include some small detail, like “begin your proposal with the word “dog” it will save your time during the filtering of the proposals.

 Picking The Writers Among The Proposals 

After you received some proposals, it’s time to choose the person who will exactly take your project.

Start your filtering with the archiving the proposals with some grammar or spelling mistakes. Then it’s comes the turn of skills. Choose the person whose skills match your needs. And then give preference to those who have the faster response time. They are probably more reliable and will be more involved in your projects than others.

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Then conduct a brief video interview via Skype or Google Hangouts. Video interviews are much better than the text or the phone ones. You can see the body language on video and read deeper than the words.

Then make a quick skill test for those who have passed an interview. The small test assignment will give you the clear understanding of the real skill level and the work process you will receive with the particular writer. Make the project description clear, provide them with all the resources they will need to complete the project. Pay them for their work even if it doesn’t fit you.

Estimate the results of the test task by the criteria you need. Like if you need a technical writer, the main criteria will be an accuracy and the usage of the correct terms.

Estimate the results of the test task 5 tips when you are choosing freelance writers - 4

To sum up, there are five steps to find the perfect freelancer: 

1) Make a good job post.

2) Filter the bids.

3) Interview the freelancers using video.

4) Give them a test task.

5) Estimate the results.

Sounds like you might complete a lot of work before hiring the right person, isn’t it? This is right, a little extra effort during the stage of searching will save you tons of money in the long-term prospect.

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