Exclusive Tips To Transform Your Garden on a Budget

Considering winter is looming on the horizon, now may not be the best time to transform your garden. But, like all things home and interiors related, transformations take some serious planning if you’re going to get them right. So, start laying the foundations for your new outdoor space: draw up a plan, figure out how much you have to spend, and then start gathering inspiration. When you’re ready to wear those gardening gloves in spring, here’s how to transform your garden – all without spending a dollar more than is necessary.

 Outdoor cooking 

Who doesn’t love a good backyard cookout? It’s a great way to gather your nearest and dearest together, and it’s also a way of ensuring you spend plenty of time outdoors in the warmer months – ideal if your job leaves you stuck inside behind a computer screen. You might not be in a position to buy one of these – yet – but that doesn’t mean you can’t cook outdoors in the meantime. Walmart sells cheap grills and outdoor cooking equipment, or you could just buy a disposable BBQ for a one-off until you’re able to invest in something more permanent. And that beautiful BBQ island you’re dreaming of? Keep it in mind and treat yourself to one when you’re able to.

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 Outdoor seating 

As well as being able to cook outdoors, it’s nice to be able to relax outdoors too. Whether you’re spending time with your family beneath the setting sun or reading a book among the grass on a summer’s afternoon, having somewhere comfortable to sit is important. So, if you’re lucky enough to have a friend or family member giving away their old patio set, jump at the chance to take it off their hands. Second-hand furniture can be upcycled for a new lease of life, and even indoor furniture can be painted and sealed if you need a little outdoor seating in a pinch. Again, stores such as Walmart often offer affordable garden furniture if you want something brand new without spending too much money.

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 Plants and flowers 

All those makeover shows have probably given you the impression you need decking, patios and beautiful light installations to have a gorgeous garden. But that’s simply not the case. Let your plants be the main highlight of your garden, snapping up them up cheaply from local garden centers and garden sections of DIY stores. If you can rise to the challenge, you’ll find that growing your colorful flowers from seeds or cuttings is the cheapest way to turn your garden into a beautiful space. Also, bulbs are cheap in the autumn, and smaller (and therefore often less expensive) shrubs will eventually grow much bigger if you’re patient.

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If your garden is divided from your neighbor’s by using fencing, make sure it’s looking up to scratch. If it’s been up for a while it could be looking a little worse for wear, so you’ll need to decide whether to replace it entirely or to give the existing panels a little TLC simply. If your budget is tight, opt for the latter wherever possible. You may need to clean the fence panels with a pressure washer first (ask if you can borrow one from a friend or a neighbor if you don’t own one yourself), then give it a fresh coat of paint to make it look brand new.

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 Top Tips 

1. Shop around: You’ll get the best deals if you’re prepared to shop around a little while you’re improving your garden. So, go from store to store (or look online) to compare the cost of the essentials.

2. Head to recycling centers and scrap yards: There’s no need to spend your hard earned money at your local store when you can get garden essentials for free elsewhere. Visit your local reclamation yard or recycling center to see if you can find unusual containers for plants or even second-hand gardening tools.

3. Light it up: Garden lighting is often expensive, but you can certainly add some sparkle to your garden by hanging festoon lights from your trees, shrubs, fences, and furniture. Shop around for the best price and watch as your garden resembles a perfect Pinterest picture when the sun goes down.

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