7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

A survey carried out showed that over 90% of people can’t draw cute animals. The worst part is that most of these people feel that such a task is only meant to be undertaken by professional artists. In case you have been trying to find out how cute animals can be drawn from scratch, there is no doubt that you came to the right place. Through this post, Pouted lifestyle magazine shows you some powerful tips to start drawing your favorite animals today. You will wonder why it has taken this long to discover such secrets.

1 Picking a pose

Animals have got different poses. For instance, dogs and cats have walking poses. This will enable you to know the angle that such a drawing will be based on. The reason why a pose needs to be chosen is to ensure drawing is self-explanatory to your target audience. It can also ensure that your animal’s anatomy is clearly shown. If you can understand this strategy as expected, drawing cute animals will not be difficult.

Pick-a-pose.-1024x683 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

Pick-a-pose-675x365 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

2 Understanding the animal

Whether you have decided to draw a bird, dog, cat, wolf, or an elephant, there is one thing that should be noted – each one of them has got characteristics that you need to study. This will help you reflect such in the drawing accurately. Study about any animal extensively before starting. For instance, you can take that extra step to observe how it walks, plays around, or moves. And through such observations, these sketches will be made easily.

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observing-animals-1024x768 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

3 Making different sketches

To ensure that your drawing is correct anatomically, this is one aspect that shouldn’t be ignored in any way. Professional artists always try to make various sketches of animals before drawing the final picture. This is the stage where you should get rid of every assumption about the animal to be drawn. In case you don’t know, the best artists around the world today always make various sketches of their most popular animal drawings. Using this template won’t be a bad idea.

Making-different-sketches. 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

sketches-1024x687 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

sketch 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

4 Drawing the skeleton

Indeed, people won’t see the skeleton of such an animal once it has been finally drawn. However, this is an important stage that helps you master how it can be drawn without any mistake. This isn’t complicated as all you need to do is drawing such an animal as it takes a given position. Also, ensure that the various parts have been labeled appropriately. This makes your drawing more accurate.

Draw-the-skeleton-1024x694 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

Making-different-sketches 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

5 Focusing on the face

It doesn’t matter the animal you choose to draw as there is always one common truth – they all have got different and unique faces. In this stage, you have to take things one at a time. Starting with the animal’s head makes your job easier. Unlike the stage above which involves sketching, your lines are expected to be stronger and more decisive. Ensure the eyes are rightly positioned. Also, there needs to be the maintenance of correct proportions between its nose and eyes. Although this stage is very tricky to master, it will be easy once you can do the sketching stage correctly.

Focus-on-the-face-1 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

Drawing-Cute-Animals 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

Focus-on-the-face-675x618 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

6 Take note of weight distribution

This is very important when you decide to draw cute animals. You need to understand how weight can be distributed across different parts of their bodies whenever they seem to be doing various tasks. For instance, when a cat or dog is running, you will notice that the back legs are more balanced than those at the front. It has to reflect in your drawing to give it more credibility. If you want such a drawing to be realistic, it is important to pay close attention to these details.

distribution-of-weight-1024x726 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

distribution-of-weight.-1024x770 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

7 Being determined

This is usually the point where most people get it wrong. Without patience and determination, you may struggle to draw cute animals most perfectly. As a beginner, you will make lots of mistakes. This doesn’t mean you won’t get it right in the process of trying to draw cute animals. Just be very positive. Also, have an open mind to learn new tricks of presenting animal drawings that are correct anatomically.

Drawing-animals 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

drawing-a-dog-1024x643 7 Tips to Draw Cute Animals

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