Tips for Selecting the Right LED Light Bar

There are a number of types and styles to consider when searching for an LED light bar. While these are often seen on emergency response vehicles, they are often used by the average consumer. However, prior to actually being able to use the bar, the right type has to be found, and purchased. If you are wondering whether are hid lights better than led, you may be able to find your answers here.

led-vs-hid-lighting Tips for Selecting the Right LED Light Bar

LED-HID_Light_Comparison Tips for Selecting the Right LED Light Bar

Flood, Spot or Combo?

One of the first things to consider when searching for this light bar is what beam pattern is desired. There are three basic options, which include:

  • Spot: These offer a narrow beam and ideal for task lighting. This can be used for seeing a trail or rad at night.
  • Flood: Offers a larger beam patter, allowing the light to spread more. Ideal for lighting up an entire area, such as where work is being done or a campsite.
  • Combo: For versatility, the combo option is the best, offering both flood and spot beam patterns.

What’s the Best?

This question is only able to be answered when you consider the use of the light and what budget you have to spend on it. If you are able to afford it, purchasing a combo light can be quite beneficial. Take some time to carefully consider how it will be used to find the option that is best for your needs. If you don’t do this, you may find that you purchase a light that is not able to meet your specific needs.

Mounting Options

Another important consideration is where the light bar is going to be mounted. There are some who place it on the top of their vehicle, while others place it just above the windshield or on the bumper. All of these applications are acceptable, but it is important to ensure that where it is mounted will work for how it is going to be used. It is also essential to purchase the right type of mounting hardware, since this will ensure that the light bar stays adhered to the vehicle without issue.

Taking the time to consider all the options will help you find the right light bar for your particular needs. If ample consideration is not given to this decision, it may results in you wasting your money on a bar that does not really do what you need it to. If help is needed, it may also be beneficial to speak with the professionals, since they will be able to provide more insight regarding what is available.

Without a good bit of time and research, you will find it hard to get the right lights for your vehicle.

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