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11 Tips on Mixing Antique and Modern Décor Styles

Combining modern décor with antiques is a wonderful way to keep a room eclectic and fresh. The contrasts of color, shape, and texture add depth to your living space. Mixing different looks of modern contemporary pieces with unique antique accessories also highlight your personal style.

The goal is to create a visually stimulating juxtaposition of styles that is visually cohesive. Start by rummaging through flea markets and antique shops that are selling vintage décor. Keep an eye out for accent pieces, which can include vintage dressers, coffee tables. You could even attend an antique rug auction to scout for that winning carpet that can be the main conversation piece of your room. Mix your vintage finds and invest in brand new modern staples like sofas or armchairs.  A modern piece of art like a painting in a room full of antiques creates a pop or a modern pillow with a solid color thrown against a vintage chair will make your space look chic and unique.

Here we list tips on mixing antique and modern décor styles:

1 Pick your color palette

A good tip to remember is to choose colors that you like, and repeat the same colors within the room. It will bring the space together no matter the variation in decoration.

2 Choose your pattern

A motif or pattern within the room can unify the space and keep your décor from appearing out of place. To illustrate, select the lines from your newly purchased sofa or vintage chair and repeat that pattern or line throughout the room.

3 Make the peculiar accessory your focal point

Don’t be afraid if you have a piece of furniture that doesn’t look like it fits with the rest of your collection. Don’t try to hide it, but bring attention to it by using it as the centerpiece or main focal point of your room.

4 Mix match your furniture

Use furniture of contrasting ages when they are of the same shade or material. Keeping the tones and shades of your wood consistent will hold the space together.

5 Choose a few staples

Combine and blend your unique vintage décor with standard modern items from a furniture store. Take on solid colors or finishes with a fresh, everyday appeal. This will prevent your basic furniture from going against your more intricate furnishings.

6 Recycle

Hang on to your old furniture that you’re thinking of throwing away; it can always be reworked with a new stain, hardware, or upholstered with a new fabric. Upholster an antique settee with contemporary fabric or bold patterns.  Top a vintage lamp base with a sleek and modern lampshade. You can visit your local flea market for odd pieces to add or repurpose in a way other than what it was originally meant to decorate.

7 Follow a theme

Choosing a specific theme like a coastal or country style, for example, can bring the elements of a space together. Choose décor that fits with your theme, especially when working on a child’s room.

8 Add depth with vintage textiles and rugs

Add a sense of timeless warmth to your living space with vintage textiles and carpets. Choose from carpet runners or hand-knotted Persian rugs that can provide a good contrast to your room when mixed with your modern furniture. Choose earth-toned fabrics or rugs that can temper down your brighter pieces.

9 Use oversized pieces in smaller spaces

An oversized desk in pure oak or a plush turn of the century sofa can make a small living room look larger. Explore with antique proportions to bring about a sense of grandeur to a smaller modern room.

10 Play with the 80/20 rule

When combining contemporary and antique furniture, try the 80/20 rule. Unless you are an avid vintage collector, in most cases the majority of your room should be contemporary. The remaining 20 percent of antique pieces do not always mean large boulder furniture. Try using smaller accents like vintage picture frames, vases, or a striking wall clock.

11 Play with lighting fixtures

Mixing your lighting fixtures, by combining the old with new can add character to your space. An art deco chandelier from the 1920s can bring on interesting light and reflection to your modern living room.

Remember that design and decorating rules can be bent. What usually works in most rooms doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for yours. Do not be apprehensive about breaking design rules when creating or decorating your living space. You can avoid clashes when mixing your antiques with modern furniture by focusing on balance and by carefully developing a cohesive collection over time.  After all, your home should emulate your unique personal style!