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5 Tips to Make Your Sweet 16 Party Memorable

Sixteen is a huge milestone in every child’s life and has been celebrated throughout multiple cultures. Over 60,000 online searches a month are for sweet sixteen parties. For many, it marks the very critical transition in one’s life where they cross the bridge from childhood to adulthood. So why not throw a party in celebration? But when you throw a party that marks something so very special and important, you want to make sure it’s memorable. Here are 5 tips to help you:

1 The Parents

At 15 going on 16, not a lot is in your control, especially things that cost money. But it’s important that you don’t let your parents or caretakers run the party. It’s been awhile since they’ve been sixteen and in this case, you know better than they do. Sit them down and ask them to be your partner in this. For some, this may seem like a tall order, but lay down the facts in a mature and sensible manner and they won’t be able to argue with reason. So many things can go wrong, from the guest list to the music play list or heaven forbid, double booking your party on the date of another important event in teen-land. They’ll need your assistance if like you, they want this party to be a hit. Of course, your party will need to be chaperoned by adults, but work out a distance beforehand that the both of you are comfortable with. They’ll need to keep the perfect distance, close enough to intervene at the first sign of trouble but far enough that your friends feel comfortable enough to have a good time.

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2 Pick a Theme

Now for the fun stuff, picking your theme. For some, this may seem like a daunting task, as your whole party rest of the popularity of your theme. Don’t let that intimidate you into choosing something generic. If it’s truly something you love and are passionate about, all the other variable such as music, decorations, and dress code will fall into place. Consider the weather, cost, and how well you can incorporate your theme into a party setting. For instance, if your theme is Game of Thrones, there are endless costumes to choose from, not to mention an award-winning show and books to consult as far as decorations, activities, food, and entertainment is concerned. It goes without saying that you will have to have the best costume or outfit to fit your theme. View collection on for some awesome formal wear. Make your theme work for you, not the other way around.

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3 Choose a Venue

There’s no party without a venue. This is a crucial piece to the party puzzle. So many places are booked months and sometimes years in advance that this must be at the top of your To-do list. You don’t want to have your sweet sixteen at home. Yes, it may be cheaper but it’s a world of stress. Most venues offer to decorate, cater and clean up service, which are all things you do not want to be worried about on your special day. The last thing you want to do on the day of your sweet-sixteen party is work, leave that to the experts. Great scenery for picture taking, plenty of space, and perfect lighting are things you want to look for when booking a venue. Try to pick a place that is easily accessible, or be prepared to provide a means of transportation for those who need it. Finally, if your venue does not provide catering then you need to provide food. If you provide your guest with only snacks and refreshments, all they will be thinking about at your party, are their bellies, and where they can go to fill them.

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4 Send Out Invitations

Getting people to your party is another monster to tackle. A good hostess will send out invitation no less than a month in advance. Timing is a crucial part, any bit less than a month’s advance can be a disaster, especially for themed and glamorous events. You need to give people time to plan outfits and envision themselves in them. A month long time bracket is also beneficial to you because it will give people a chance to RSVP. Knowing how many people you are catering to make a world of difference when planning a party. Getting people excited about an event and building anticipation is important. There are a number of companies to go through for a custom invitation that won’t hurt your budget. Make your invitation match your theme, and make sure it is detailed. You will want to include the time, place, theme, dress code, and maybe even a slogan on your invitations.

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5 Entertainment

Time for the fun stuff, the activities. For every theme, there is a band…hire them. You can always choose to go the DJ route if a live band isn’t on the budget, but make sure they are familiar with the theme of your party. A good DJ, who knows their audience and their craft will ensure that your party is a party and not a staring contest. Every piece of the party goes toward setting a mood. Really put thought into what your friends would like. If we continue with our example of a Game of Thrones themed party, you might consider a short and humorous play, or perhaps a mock jousting tournament. Contests are always a go to, as they bring out people competitive side and really get people involved in the event. It isn’t a bad idea to have some cool souvenirs, that way everyone gets to go home with something. Where there are contests, there are prizes. Themed parties provide some of the best prizes. The best prize will be all the fun you’ve had on your special day, that should turn out perfectly if you follow these guidelines for a smooth sweet sixteen birthday.

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  1. I like how you said that you could hire a sweet sixteen DJ if a live band isn’t something you want or can afford. This would be really helpful for our family because our daughter turns sixteen in a couple of months but we just spend a bunch of money on a new house and some renovations. She and her friends love music so a DJ would be a good way to get that involved still. We’ll have to ask around for recommendations before time gets too close.

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