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Tips To Keep Your Skin Moist During Winter Season

For many people, the days of winter season bring uncomfortable dryness to the skin of the hands, feet and face; while there are some people whose problem are worse than just a tight dry feeling as besides getting so dry skin, they may get cracking or flaking also. Of course, you have seen some people who could keep their skin silky and smooth during the cold days of winter, so do you want to know the reasons behind that?! Well here are some helpful tips to keep your skin moist during winter season.

1. Take warm showers, not hot: this will show great improvements on your skin through using the warm water, but hot water will leave you with dry and itchy skin.

2. Get hydrated and drink a lot of water: drinking six to eight glasses of water a day will help your skin not to be as dry as it used to be. The water which you are going to drink in winter helps to contribute moisture to your skin.

3. Get a good humidifier: this will help you to bring back the healthy moisture levels to your skin.

4. Good nutrition: eat on a balanced diet with some healthy types of fats and oils which will help you to regain moisture in your skin and to last for more long time.

5. Use a type of good lotion to help in healing your dry skin and to keep it feeling more comfortable: surely,  your skin needs to extra protection from dryness in the cold days of winter. The right time to apply the lotion is right after taking a shower, when your skin is still moist.  The moisturizer has many benefits as it helps to protect your skin in dry conditions. It is not enough to moisturize once a day, sometimes it is better to apply lotion 2 or 3 times a day.

6. Seek a specialist: as he/she should recognize your skin type, your problems and advice you on the skin care products which you should be using.