Tips for Finding a Great Restaurant While Traveling

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Whether it is down the street, across the state, across the country, or the world, traveling is something that everyone can enjoy. There is something about exploring the unknown, taking in all the sights and sounds of the world that really show us what life is all about.

Whether you are following the latest travel trends, or just looking for some new experiences, there is no shortage of great places to explore, and if you are savvy, they can fit any budget too. The thing about traveling is, while it is a good time, it requires a lot of energy, so it is important you fuel up well. Not to mention, a good restaurant can be an experience in itself. That is why below we put together some tips for finding a good restaurant while you are traveling.

1 Walking Tours

While on vacation you may have heard of and even experienced going on walking tours of landmarks, but you may not have known that they also do them for restaurants as well. One of the fastest ways to get to know the best restaurants in the area is to go on a guided tour of the local restaurants. Not only is this an adventure in itself, but it will also help you put together some good prospects when it comes time to dine.

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2 Local Instagram Hashtags

Social media is well-known for showing off some amazing dishes. Instagram is an especially great social media site for food. So whether you are looking for some sumptuous savory entrees or decadent desserts, it is a good idea to check out the local Instagram hashtags in the area. Many restaurants now advertise on Instagram, and the affordable price means there is a lot of potentials to find a diamond in the rough.

finding local resturants through Instagram Tips for Finding a Great Restaurant While Traveling - 3

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3 Ask Around

One of the nicest things about traveling is that you get to meet new people and experience different cultures and ways of life. Talking to other people isn’t just a great way to socialize, it also helps you learn the area better. You can get a better lay of the land, and there is usually a no better source of good food information in the area than a local resident. The best part about using this strategy is you also make a good connection that may come in handy later.

finding local restaurants Tips for Finding a Great Restaurant While Traveling - 5

finding local resturants Tips for Finding a Great Restaurant While Traveling - 6

4 Avoid the Attractions

One of the things that can quickly ruin a vacation is a tourist trap. In food there are many traps. That is why a good restaurant tip is to stay away from food that is served in the crowded tourist areas. A restaurant that is too touristy is often overpriced with poor quality. It is a much better bet if you stick to the local neighborhood and residential areas. There a restaurant has to have a consistent quality to thrive and not just a silly gimmick.

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