Tips to Control the Annoying Jealousy Among Co-workers at Workplace!!

It is an annoying thing to find a jealous co-worker at workplace. It does not encourage you to work and it may affect your performance, efficiency and your psychological condition because the surrounding atmosphere prevents you from achieving any progress and it may destroy you psychologically.

If you are a successful person who is really efficient and can attract the attention of your boss through your performance, you will find many of those jealous co-workers around you. In order to keep satisfying your boss, you have to keep away from those jealous co-workers and not to allow them to get to you. But how to do that? we present to you the following tips that will help you to deal with those jealous co-workers to be able to keep achieving success. 


♦ Try to solve their psychological problem: It is not your role to be psychiatrist to solve others’ problems, but you need to do that to keep them away from you. Try to increase their confidence through praising them and appreciating what they do to make them less jealous of you. Make sure that you praise what is good only and not everything they do.


♦ Avoid being aggressive: Talking to your co-workers in an aggressive tone will make the situation and your relation with them worse than it is, so you have to be friendly.


♦ Advise them: Provide those who are jealous of you with the needed advice that can help them to improve their performance and achieve success.


♦ Do not respond to provocation: The jealous co-workers will try to provoke you to make you annoyed and force you to react in an angry way. Do not think to fight them, try to control your anger and relax because by this way they will become bored.


♦ Avoid making mistakes: Making any mistake will allow jealous co-workers to score points against you. They will stay all the time waiting for something wrong that you do or say to use it against you and for their advantage.


♦ Keep improving your performance: If the jealous co-workers at your workplace felt that they succeeded in their mission and they were able to destroy you, you would not be able to change their feeling. You can fight them through improving your performance to be the best at work and not just a good worker. This will make the jealous co-workers feel that you are not affected by what they do and this is why they will easily give up.


Following the previous tips will help you to deal with the jealous co-workers at your workplace because you know that it is impossible to avoid them.


Lisa Chen

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