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Tips On Choosing Wallpaper For Your Bedroom

Wallpapering has become widely common for the everyday homeowners. If you are new to the world of wallpapers, so do not confuse as we will help you to choose the best wallpaper for your bedroom. Just allow yourself some time to look at the many designs of wallpapers which you will find. There are many wallpapers available in different patterns, styles and colors. Each type of these wallpapers needs different preparation, application and finishing based on its characteristics.

Before going to choose the wallpapers for your bedroom, you should follow these guidelines:

  1. Measure all the walls with its width and height for every wall in feet.

2. Consider the doors, windows and any large openings of the room which you are going to paper.

3. Consider the whole style of your bedroom with its curtains, carpets and furniture designs.

When going to choose a wallpaper for your bedroom, there are many questions that will come to your mind such as which is better floral or stripe, whether natural or bright colors are the most suitable. When you arrive to the market, just ask them for a help.

Here are some tips on different types of wallpapers:

  • The standard wallpapers: are generally so easy to hang and inexpensive too.
  • Vinyl-coated wallpapers: they have a paper in backing and a paper in surface, the paper in the surface is sealed with vinyl which makes it washable that means that you can safely sponge it off with a soapy water. It is a perfect choice for the beginning wallpapers hangers.
  • Grass-cloth, hemp, and other cloths-on-paper which are richly textured, but expensive and difficult to hang at the same time.
  • For the small rooms, natural light rooms or little light rooms, Foils and Mylars are good choices as these types have shiny surfaces.

The most important element in choosing wallpaper is to select a pattern you like and will work well in the room which you plan to paper. Here are some main aesthetic guidelines:

  • To widen the room and get the ceiling down, choose the horizontal stripes or patterns.
  • For the small dimensions, choose mini-print or a paper with a small pattern or geometric design.
  • To make the room look smaller, choose the dark colors.
  • To make the ceiling seem higher, choose the Vertical stripes or patterns.
  • To make the room seem larger, select Wallpaper with a light background.

Here are some images of different designs for bedroom wallpapers



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