Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

As a writer, you want your content to be both informative and engaging. It should be content that captures the mind of the reader and will leave them an inquisitive state. The reader should want to know more about the topic through reading the article. For a new writer, they want to know what makes for great content.

There are several things that you can do as a writer to make your article great. This article will give you some tips on writing the best content.

1 Pick a topic that you are familiar with

When you are familiar with a topic, you will not struggle to write about it. If you have a choice to pick a topic, pick the topic that you are knowledgeable about or one that interests you. When you pick a topic that you have no interest in maybe because you want to showcase your prowess or whatever the reason you may have, it might work well in your favor. You will struggle to write the article and chances are that the reader will notice it.

Pick-a-topic-that-you-are-familiar-with Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

Avoid complex topics and topics that are too sensitive and may prove to be controversial. However, if you feel that you can write on a controversial topic in a way that won’t offend anyone, you should go ahead and tackle the challenge.

In some cases, the writer might not have the chance to pick the topic for themselves. Even though this may seem to be challenging at first, you can still turn it around and write something great. With good grammar and research, you can turn any article into a good piece. During the research process, you might learn something new that you didn’t know and it might help arouse passion. If it doesn’t go as you want it to, as a student you can always consult assignment writers Australia services and see if you can get help.

Stone age who comments on an article on Owlcation gives more reason as to why it is important to write on a topic you are familiar with. He says “these are some great ideas. Writing a paper in college always seems to freeze people up and they never know what to write. Even when you like writing, you just draw a blank. Thanks for the info!”

2 Research on the topic

No matter how passionate you are about a topic, you can’t rely only on what you know; you need to go the extra mile. Research more about the topic and get all the necessary information on it before you get started.

Research-on-the-topic-675x400 Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

Good research is key if you want to write an article that is informative, you want to base any findings that you have on facts and not an assumption that you have. There is content that will require you to cite the source of your information, and for that reason, it is better to be ready.

Even as you carry out research, don’t overdo it. Most writers are guilty of over-researching even when the research needed was not much. Evaluate the kind of writing that you are supposed to write. Does it require a lot of research or are you just looking for facts to back your claims?

Abdul Wajid Lakhani a commentator for an article in writers digest backs up this point by stating: Researching a topic is very essential and is the area where many of us fail.

3 Concentrate on your target audience

Who is your target audience? Is it young women, middle-aged women, men, parents or teens? When you decide who your audience is, then you will know which approach it is that you will use to reach them, or how you will communicate with them.

Concentrate-on-your-target-audience-675x450 Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

You cannot address teens in the manner that you will address parents, each target audience needs to be addressed accordingly. You will be able to know how to address your target audience and you will know how you will be able to convey your message to them.

Alison, who leaves a comment on the writer’s forum states, “keeping your audience in mind, write a tighter draft incorporating the new supporting information you’ve collected. Sometimes what you’ve learned in Steps 2 and 3 may compel you to start over with a completely fresh draft. Or you may just want to revise what you have as you proceed, retaining a nice conversational tone by directly addressing your audience.”

4 Write content that is original

The purpose of picking a topic that interests you and carrying out research is so that you can produce work that is not copied but is originally yours. Your aim as a writer is to always produce content that is unique and has been written from scratch. The research doesn’t mean that you will copy-paste what you have learned. Read and understand, then write using your own command using your own voice.

Marian Van de Rakt a writer at, has a few things to say about original content. She says is that, “I think you should never publish the exact same content. You always want to stand out from the crowd. I also understand that ‘breaking news’ travels fast and you do not have time to rewrite these news reports entirely. I would try to do a little rewriting.”

Write-content-that-is-original-675x338 Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

5 Use imagery to attract the reader

More than likely a reader will be attracted to a post based on the image that is in the article. People are mainly attracted to the visual, they will be attracted to pictures. Before the reader starts reading the article will have most likely helped them decide if they will read the rest of the article or if they won’t read the rest of it.

Use-imagery-to-attract-the-reader Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

As you use pictures to back up your points, remember to use photos that are relevant to the topic. Make sure to always be relevant and not out of topic. If you are writing content for kids, the writing should be kept to a minimum, the photos should do all the talking.

6 Let an editor proofread your work

When you have carried out your research, decided on your target audience, and written your article. You need someone to go through it for yours. You can go through it yourself, but if you want work that has gone through a professional it is better to hire someone to look at it.

Let-an-editor-proofread-your-work-675x506 Top 6 Tips and Tricks to Make Your Content Top-Notch

An editor will go through your piece, read and rewrite any spelling errors that you may have. They will place the proper punctuation in place and will also ensure that you have proper sentence construction.

Rick Gekoski a writer on the Guardian has this to say about the editing, “There is only one moment, in the whole process, that I find unambiguously satisfying, and that is when the first copy arrives. I put it in my hand, and glory in that miraculous transformation that occurs when a manuscript becomes a book. Something new enters the world, final and complete, and from that time it has a life of its own.”

As a writer when you are able to take simple tips you will go a long way to making the right write decisions.

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