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Tiger Eye Jewelry & Its Unusual Properties

Is it possible to use a tiger eye for creating jewelry pieces? Tiger eye gemstones are given this name because they look like the eye of tigers which allows them to give the jewelry pieces a fascinating and catchy look that cannot be resisted. Tiger eye gemstones are available in a diversity of colors ranging from golden or honey yellow to dark brown and there are also other tiger eye gemstones which are red in their color. Tiger eye stones are believed to improve their wearer’s health as they have positive energy which is capable of healing wounds, legs, feet and eyes, relieving hypertension and inflammatory diseases, building inner strength, boosting spiritual well-being, offering psychic protection, bringing wealth, reducing greed, relaxing mind, reducing stress and increasing beauty. Tiger eye jewelry has been used for a long time as it was worn by Roman soldiers to be protected while fighting as they believed that this stone could see what happens better than an ordinary human eye.

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There are some people who associate tiger eye gemstones with specific features in tigers and this is why they believe that tiger eye jewelry has the ability to provide them with a diversity of unique features that can be found in tigers such as courage, patience and clear sight which are the main features in addition to strength, balance, determination and focus.

Because tiger eye stones are believed to have unique features, they are used by jewelry designers for creating fascinating pieces of jewelry that are highly desirable and are sought after by both men and women regardless of their age. Tiger eye stones are used for adorning different types of jewelry pieces including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants and more jewelry pieces that we wear for attracting attention and increasing our elegance.


What increases the popularity of this type of stones is not limited to the unique features and elegant appearance that is really eye-catching as the affordable price is one of the main reasons that make the tiger eye jewelry highly demanded. You have to make sure that the tiger eye gemstones that you purchase are real because there are synthetic tiger eye stones that are sold on the market and are made from plastic or minerals but of low grade.

The major deposits and largest amount of tiger eye gemstones is brought from Griqualand West in South Africa and these gemstones can also be found in other countries but in small amounts such as in the United States, China, India, Canada, Burma and Brazil. Although tiger eye gemstones are known to be affordable than other types of gemstones that are usually used for adorning jewelry pieces, there are tiger eye jewelry pieces which are expensive. The most expensive tiger eye gemstones are those that have non-traditional coloration and markings which make the stones really unique.

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