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Three Accessories That Brides Shouldn’t Skip

Weddings are significant events for many people, especially brides, who usually have the attention of everyone on their big day. Because of this, every bride strives to look perfect from head to toe. If they don’t, not only could they be judged by the guests, but they will also not look their best in their wedding photos, which lasts forever! Looking great on the wedding day is not just about having the most attractive wedding dress, although getting the right dress is indeed important. Having great styling also means having access to and wearing the right jewelry and accessories. In this article, we present three of the most important wedding accessories that no bride should be without.


1 Headpiece

Most brides wear veils, so they need something that will hold this accessory on their heads. Because the veil is going to be on a prominent body part, it must look good and feel secure. Now, how to determine if a headpiece looks good? According to stylists, the headpiece to be used should depend largely on the shape and size of the head and face. Those with rounded faces can go for pieces with height, as these tend to elongate the face, diminishing its natural roundness. Those with heart-shaped faces can go for halo-like accessories as these types of headpieces tend to draw other people’s attention to the wearer’s eye line. Brides can look for the right headpieces from sites like https://www.cathysconcepts.com that will suit them best.

2 Shoes

The shoes that you get married are not going to be visible most of the time. But this doesn’t mean that they can be ugly or unkempt. Remember, you will walk, dance, and even play games during the reception; your shoes will surely make a surprise appearance! Stylists advise brides to choose their wedding shoes before they make the final alterations to the wedding dress, especially when it comes to the length of the hem and train. Aside from the height, brides and their stylists should also be mindful of the color of the shoe. Generally, it should match the color of the dress. But if white shoes are not the bride’s cup of tea, then she can opt for ones in a nude color. Another thing to consider is the embellishments on the shoe itself. Those who are more fashion-forward can go with highly embellished pairs; they will surely make a big statement while in them.

3 Necklaces

Wedding gowns usually have deep necklines. Some even have a sleeveless bodice, leaving a good amount of the chest and neck exposed. To fill this space, brides need to wear nice necklaces. These neck accessories are like extensions of the dress, so it must match the color or the drama that the dress embodies.

For many brides, their weddings happen only once in their lifetimes. Hence, every detail must be perfect on that day. Aside from the dress, they also need to pay attention to the accessories that they pair it with. The whole process can be meticulously detail-oriented, but it’s going to be very worth it.