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Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

Do some foreign travelers believe that Cebu, the country’s oldest city since the arrival of Spanish colonists in the mid-16th century, is not part of the Philippines? This idea can be viewed indirectly and disturbed by the loyalty to the Republic of the Philippines. However, when you travel to Cebu you will find that it behaves differently in a number of other ways than other parts of the Philippines, which makes Cebu one of the most popular travel destinations in the Philippines. These are some of the Things I Didn’t Know About Cebu, by the time you go through this article you will learn a lot.

1 Bird watching on Olango Island

Olango Island is located in Mactan Island and Lapu -Lapu city, just a few meters from Cebu city. It is popular for its beautiful wildlife sanctuary, beach resorts, fine beaches, and diving sites. There are many awesome do and sites to see. Some of these things you can do here are; San Vicente Marine Sanctuary, Island Eco-Tourism Park, Olango Wildlife Sanctuary. Some of the beautiful beach resorts are Olango Paradise Island Resort, Sagastrand Beach Resort, Maribagini Tree and Santa Rosa Port and also, Caw-oy Floating Restaurants., Island Eco-Tourism Park is a great tourist spot where you spend your time with family and friends, picnicking under a coconut tree, or just sunbathing at the white sand beach. It is one of the popular hangout places during your visit to Cebu. Another great thing to do that makes the place unique here is bird watching. Olango Island Wildlife Sanctuary is a resting place with 40,000 migratory birds of more than forty-eight species. The best time to have fun at Wildlife Sanctuary is September to is the best place for adventures for resting and relaxing tours.

Olango-Island Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

Olango-Island-cebu Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

2 Explore the seven caves of Camp 7, Minglanilla

The seven caves of Camp 7 are just 15 kilometers from Minglanilla in Cebu city. It is a perfect day trip for adventurers looking to have a fun day tour in Cebu. While visiting here, make sure to carry hiking shoes, a waterproof pouch, sunscreen, and insect repellant. These will help you when climbing and crawling underground. Seven Caves of Minglanilla is popularly known for spectacular rock formations, quartz crystals, treacherous inner cliffs, and also challenging traverses. The seven caves give you a magnificent sightseeing experience.

seven-caves-of-Camp-7 Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

3 Balay sa Agta, Argao

Argao, located 70 km from the metro Cebu, is the most visited province in Cebu. To get here, you can board the bus or a taxi, which will take two hours .one of the spectacular attractions here is the Balay sa Agta. It is a 48o meters long cave which is dark inside and while here you need to have flashlights or headlights. While exploring the cave, you will find many sparkly rocks looking like crystal stones. You will also encounter a rock formation looking like a tobacco puffing Agta. This rock formation is only visible when you turn off the light that will give you a breath-breaking experience. Are you a kind person looking for a unique and fun adventure in Cebu? Then heading to the municipality of Argao will give you a breathtaking adventure inside the mythical giant known as Balay sa Agta. It is a 480-meter long cave, very dark, beautiful, and attractive. A visit to Balay sa Agta not only gives tourists a mental and physical fortitude but also spelunking sightseeings with many wonderful surprises, such as bats, gleaming stalagmites, one-of-kind insects, and stalactites. While here, you will meet the macro (a mythical creature residing in the dark tavern).

Balay-sa-Agta-Argao Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

Balay-sa-Agta-Argao-2 Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

4 Cebu Taoist Temple, Cebu City

Cebu Taoist Temple is located at the Beverly Hills of Cebu City and serves as the center of worship for Taoism. For visitors, this is the place to experience first-hand information about Chinese history and architecture. Every year many tourists flock to Cebu Taoist Temple. It is one of the astonishing but forgotten attractions in Cebu city. It is a worthy attraction, especially for adventurers looking to break away from the urban jungles. The temple has a laid-back feel and a zen-like aura with great views of the country that may rejuvenate your spirit. It is easy to get here as it is a fifteen-minute walk. You can also hire a taxi or a motorbike. It is open from 8 am to 5 pm. The temple welcomes both worshippers and non-worshippers. As you come here, it is recommended you wear good clothes and avoid shorts or sleeveless tops. It is not advisable to take photos at the altar. Make sure to follow these tips to have a nice trip to the temple.

Cebu-Taoist-Temple-Cebu Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

5 Carnaza island, Daanbantayan

If you are looking for a crowd-free beach escape in Cebu, then Carnaza beach will not disappoint. Carnaza island will give a breathtakingly fresh and seafood experience. It is a nice getaway weekend for those looking for quiet places to have fun. It has spectacular such as eye-catching caves, picturesque hills, crystal clear waters. A visit to Carnaza island will give you a chance to see one of the unknown treasures of La Manok Island.

Carnaza-island-Daanbantayan Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

Carnaza-island-Daanbantayan-2 Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu

6 waterfalls in Samboan

It is interesting to notice that there is an immense number of the waterfall that are scattered all over the province of Cebu with a number of them concentrated in the southern part so it will be worthwhile before heading back to this famous city to spare some time and explore this amazing waterfall that will leave you to relax what makes this place a great place of attraction is that you will be able to see different fall at the same time because most of the falls are normally located to each other. it is a good place for hiking as well so if you love hiking this is the best place for you to go and enjoy what nature has provided you.

waterfalls-in-Samboan-2 Things I Didn’t Know about Cebu


Cebu is a charming mixture of the old and new. Cebu is a mixture of exotic east and modern west and you can do all this safely as the wonderful facilities bring you the best of nature in Cebu. This gorgeous piece of land called Cebu is not only suitable for beach walks or nature lovers, but it also offers exciting nightlife. There are great restaurants in Cebu, clubs, and bars to go out or enjoy the wilderness, ubiquitous cafes for coffee lovers, and video/karaoke bars for modern and lesser-known music. There are hourly grocery stores and convenience stores everywhere, as well as other entertainment and leisure opportunities that you are sure to want to discover when you visit Cebu.

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