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 About TheSSLStore:

TheSSLStore.com is affiliated with Rapid Web Services and is one of the leading providers globally of SSL security certificates. The company is located in St. Petersburg, Florida with other offices in India and Turkey. The SSL Store is a successful Platinum Partner with major SSL providers like VeriSign, Thawte, RapidSSL and GeoTrust. All the products are SSL and security related and is similar to the ones that consumers can buy directly from the vendors, they are only cheaper.

Customers of The SSL Store can compare the SSL certificates by type and brand before making a selection. All the brands are backed by their own knowledgebase, plus The SSL Store support team that is available 24/7.


 TheSSLStore Services & Features:

The SSL Store product portfolio includes Standard SSL certificates, High Assurance Certificates, Wildcard SSL Certificates, San Certificates, EV Certificates, SGC Certificates, Code Signing Certificates and Website Anti-Malware Scan. Find out more below:

Standard SSL are ideal for websites with limited traffic as well as secured intranet operations. This will only be validated for the domain where the site is located.

High Assurance SSLs offer a slightly higher security level, plus the business and domain information will be assessed during the process of validation. These are ideal for medium and small ecommerce operations.

Wildcard SSL certificate can be used to secure several websites on the same domain. This makes it very convenient for ecommerce operations with multiple sub-domains.

EV or Extended Validation SSL offers top level security standards and is designed to supply a higher authentication level. EV SSL can trigger advanced website indicators like the green address bar. Verisign is The SSL Store’s major provider of these certificates.

SSL Brands:

RapidSSL certificates are low cost solutions that will allow customers to save up to 70%. The SSL store issue RapidSSL certificates such as the wildcard and standard SSL with unlimited licensing at no additional cost.

Geotrust SSL certificates are offered through the SSL Store at an affordable cost with unlimited server licensing. Geotrust provides up to 70% discount, plus worldwide recognition and high level warranties.

Verisign certificates are offered by The SSL Store up to 20% off, which provides customers with great value since this is one of the top brands in the world. This provider has browser compatibility that is almost perfect, plus the highest level of validation and encryption standards.

Thawte SSL promotes multilingual support, formidable authentication features and internationally recognized domain names. TheSSLStore offer many Thawte certificates with up to 45% discount savings.

The SSL Store also offers enterprise solutions for enterprises, government agencies, educational organizations, city, state and county entities as well as civic organizations.  A 70% discount is given to members just for enrolling in the program.


 Additional Features:

  1. Price match guarantee
  2. Extensive knowledgebase for all brands
  3. 24/7 email and live chat support
  4. User-friendly comparison charts for brand or certificate
  5. Huge discounts for all major SSL providers: Verisign, Rapid SSL, Thawte and Geotrust
  6. Best partner program, repeat customers


 Advantages of TheSSLStore:

  • Support from experts at anytime
  • A diverse selection of products
  • Unbeatable prices
  • Best SSL Partner and Enterprise Programs


 Guarantees of TheSSLStore:

100% money back 30 days guarantee.


Reliability Review Of TheSSLStore:

TheSSLStore.com provides highly trusted and reliable SSL certificate solutions of all sizes to maximize the security of digital transactions at the cheapest price. All the SSL Certificates offered by the SSL store have 256 bit encryption to secure websites, extranets, intranets and ecommerce. This is a strong encryption that comes highly recommended.


What I Didn’t Like In TheSSLStore:

This service seems excellent, no problems at this time.


TheSSLStore Support:

Technical support is provided 24/7 via live or email, plus phone and knowledgebase.


TheSSLStore Coupon Codes & Promo Discount Offers:

Limited time offer TheSSLStore coupon code (GEOEV2YR) for purchase of 2 years GeoTrust True BusinessID with EV. Plus, free partner program. The SSL store promo codes or any discount offers when available are advertised on their homepage.



TheSSLStore.com is the largest reseller for many SSL certificates. Whether you are in search of SSL certificate security for a major ecommerce business or an office intranet, this store have all the services and products to satisfy your requirements.

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