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The World’s 15 Thinnest Watches

           Watches are important for all people. Their importance differ from one to another depending on the purpose of using them. Some people use watches for knowing time and never to be late. Others use them as a sign of luxury and for complementing the outer look. Watches differ in their sizes, shapes and brands. You can find big and thick watches and there are also slim ones.

          There are many people who like thin watches as they are not heavy. They make you feel that you do not wear a wristwatch and they are elegant at the same time. You can choose among many shapes, colors and brands. Here are some of the thinnest wristwatches in the world and you can choose one from them.

          CST-01: It is the thinnest watch that you can see all over the world. It is only 0.8 millimeters in its thickness. It is composed of very thin components that are put in an engraved pocket in a stainless steel piece that is very flexible. The watch does not have any buttons to use in setting the watch and you can set it by using a base station that comes with the watch. The base station is also used for charging the watch. The watch is very slim and light to the extent that you will not feel that you are wearing a watch in your wrist. The watch is provided with an E Ink screen that enables you to see clear numbers when they are displayed on the screen. It has a micro energy cell that powers the watch and it is charged in just 10 minutes. The included cell can be recharged 10,000 times and can last for more than 15 years. The watch can work for a month with out being charged.  

charging station

Rotary Men’s Ultra Slim Swiss Strap Watch: It is an ultra slim watch. The depth of the case is only 4 mm and the diameter is 35mm.


Simim:Ultra thin ceramic diamond watch-luminous watches the indicating needle scale S189. The thickness of the case is 4mm and the diameter is 37mm.

Simim ultra thin ceramic diamond watch-luminous watches the indicating needle scale
Simim ultra thin ceramic diamond watch-luminous watches the indicating needle scale S189

Vacheron Constantin Historique: The thicknesses of the dials for the two watches are 4.1 and 5.5 mm.

Vacheron Constantin Historique

Edox: The case is 5 mm thickness and 41 mm for the diameter.


Steinhausen Men’s Dunn Horitzon Watch: The case’s thickness is 5mm and its width is 37mm.

Steinhausen Men's Dunn Horitzon Watch

Steinhausen Men's Dunn Horitzon Watch.

Steel Strip Ultra-Thin Women Quartz Fashion Table: the case is 5mm thickness and 22 mm width.

Steel Strip Ultra-Thin Women Quartz Fashion Table

Cartier: The thickness of the case is 5.1 millimeters.


Piaget : The case is 5.25 mm thickness and the  diameter is 43mm.

Ultra Thin Piaget
Piaget Ultra Thin
Piaget Ultra Thin

Skagen Men’s White Mesh Strap Watch: It is 5.8 mm for the thickness of the case and 20 mm for the diameter.

Skagen Men's White Mesh Strap Watch

Citizen: Women’s Stiletto Diamond Two Tone Steel Bracelet Watch. The case of the watch is 6 mm in thickness and 26 mm in width.

Citizen Women's Stiletto Diamond Two Tone Steel Bracelet Watch

Skagen Gent’s Ultra Slim Black Leather Strap Watch: The case is 6 mm thickness and 34 mm for the diameter.

Skagen Gent's Ultra Slim Black Leather Strap Watch

Skagen Women’s Silver Expander Mesh Bracelet Watch: The case is 6mm in its depth and 26 mm for its diameter.

Skagen Women's Silver Expander Mesh Bracelet Watch

Skagen Ladies Swarovski Ultra Slim Silver Steel Bracelet Watch: The thickness of the dial is 6 mm and the diameter is 26 mm. 

Skagen Ladies Swarovski Ultra Slim Silver Steel Bracelet Watch

Mondaine: It has a slim case that is 6.2 thickness and 36 mm width.

ultra thin Mondaine white

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