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The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration

     Every one of us wants to have the best designed and decorated home. You yourself try to design and decorate your home to renew it, but you fail, because you are not an expert or a specialist in home decoration. You need to ask a designer to design and decorate your home. But now, it will be easier for you to decorate your home on your own as you will depend on rules and specific instructions that will facilitate this mission. The top designers tell you the secrets that they follow in decorating homes and below are some of home decoration tips:

  •  When you decide to arrange the pieces of furniture in your living room, you have to begin with the best seat in this room.
  • grey-home-interior-design-3 The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration
  • You have to use art as statues, wall charts or pictures and other accessories when you decide to use the white color in painting the walls.
  • If you have a small image above the seat, do not put it in the center.
  • The white curtain lining can only be used with the white curtains.
  • You can reuse the old fashioned decorating pieces in other purposes such as reusing vase for holding pencils and crystal bowls for makeup tools.
  • Use wallpapers in non traditional places such as ceilings, hallways and closets to affect them and make them clear.
  • Keep your furniture away from the walls to create a sense of warm and make the friends and family feel they are close to each other when they sit down and talk.
  • Too many sources of light will not be good for your apartment, try to make it simple.
  • When you install carpets, try to leave a space on the right and left sides to make the hall or stairs look wider and do not stick them to the walls.
  • If you have pets in your home, cover the seats with a blanket of the same fabrics of the seats and simply remove it when you have guests.
  •  Do not make rooms overcrowded with furniture and leave a space for moving freely.
  • When you buy fabrics, bring them in a larger size than the actual size that you need in case it became shorter or you needed extra length and width.
  • When you find the color of the fabric that you have is dark or strong, try to turn it on the other side and it will look lighter.
  • Design and decorate your home as a whole or one unit and do not divide home into separated parts.
  •  Try to add the black color in every room at least in one thing in the room as it is as necessary as a decorating piece in your room.
  • The strong and clear colors are more interesting than the soft colors which quickly become boring.
  • black The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration
    bright-red-bedroom-design The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration
  •  Use glass shelves in the shoe closet as they do not take too much space.
  • Arrange every pair of shoes in the closet in a heel shoe and toe shoe so that you can see the back and front of the shoes and it helps you to choose your shoes quickly when you go out.
  • Use hooks for hanging towels instead of the towel bar as the hooks will save space for you.
  • The white or off-white curtains are better in color as they filter the light and make it stays natural.
  • Use multi-functional pieces of furniture to save space.
  • Large glass windows allow more natural light to get in the room.
  • large-windows. The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration
    large-windows The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration
    teenage-room-interior-ideas-luxury-interior-design-teen-room-bedrooms-59415 The TOP Designers Tell You Secrets for Home Decoration

Now with these decorating designers secrets, it became easy for you to be an expert in designing your home.

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