The Sudden Death Of Matt Osborne “Doink The Clown”

Matt Osborne, or as he is known by Doink The Clown, died on Friday 28 June 2013 in a local hospital of unknown causes. He was 55 years old, born in Charlotte in North Carolina in 1957. His girlfriend, who he had been living with, found him unresponsive inside their apartment in Plano, Texas. The police officers in Texas are investigating the causes of this sudden death and they though that Osborne’s death is ”accidental”.

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Doink The Clown

Doink The Clown and Dink the Clown


Matt Osborne is an iconic figure in the history of pro wrestling, he wrestled for WWF, WCW and many other wrestling organizations throughout his career; then he left the WWF in the late 1993 and go to wrestle on the independent circuit. Osborne’s death is very tragic especially for his young age, all pro wrestling fans and his fans are grieving for his death and they pray for him to rest in peace.

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Doink in January 09



On his Facebook fan page, one of his fans wrote “He is the best clown there is, the best clown there was, and the best clown there ever will be. R.I.P. Matt”. There is another fan wrote ” RIP you will be always remembered and never forgotten!!!”. The WWE wrote on its website a statement which was ” WWE is saddened by the news that Matt Osborne, aka the original Doink The Clown, has passed away”.



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