The New Zealand Cat or As It’s Called “Natural-Born Killer”

The new Zealand cat or as it is called by many people in new Zealand as ” natural-born killer “.  Some of the habitants of new Zealand are claiming that the cats are killers as they kill many kinds of birds which makes cats the reason of extinction of nine bird species.

Some people are ” cat lovers ” and they could not get rid of their cats and feel of the cat as one member of the family.

Gareth Morgan, a famous businessman in new Zealand and leads the campaign against the cats, he set up a website and called it  ‘Cats To Go ‘.

He does not order the cat lovers to kill their cats, but he asks them not to bring another cat after death of their contemporary cat ; in simple words to make their cat as the last. He also demands to keep their cats at home to prevent them from killing the innocent birds. But 72 % of the new Zealander voted in his website by saying NO to the idea of not bringing another cat at home.

The campaign is continuing its activity with its leader Gareth Morgan to keep cats away from innocent birds and other animals. The new Zealanders who called themselves as ” cat lovers ” have no intentions to get rid of their cats.

If you want to import an animal like a cat into new Zealand, then you have to follow some instructions ; First you have to know that it will cost you a lot of money to import a cat into new Zealand, Second you must get a medical test for your animal and get the permit to allow your animal to go into new Zealand. Importing an animal to new Zealand is not an easy process.
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