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7 Main Facts About New York City You’ve Never Known

Is there anyone who would not be ready for beholding all of the nice places in the world?
There is no doubt that we are living in a world that is pretty full of a lot of beautiful cities and places, but some places, as a point of fact, are able to take your breath away and resides a warm spot in your heart without you even asking for it, right? Well, you do not have to be physically present in the city to get the meaning that we are trying to convey here, in fact; you can actually get this feeling vicariously through watching movies, glancing at pictures, or even reading about these places. To begin with, one of these marvelous cities is actually NYC; the city that is known to be the one that never sleeps. Undeniably; every single person who loves beauty would, definitely, fall in love with New York City every time we see it on TV or even in pictures. And if you have ever visited it yourself, or even know someone who did, you would surely have a real evidence of how breathtaking and awe-inspiring this city actually is. But wait a minute; wouldn’t you really like to see New York with a total different perspective? What if you have the chance to explore new places? Will you seize this opportunity or will you just let it slip and regret it later? We actually suggest that you should never let such a chance slip, for you will never be satisfied with that feeling of regret.
OK, here’s the thing that you need to know about New York; its beauty does not have to be restricted to the one that you only get to see in the movies, the one you hear about, or the one you, in case you did, explored yourself. Here is a list of some mysterious places that actually take place in that tremendous city.

1 The City Hall Station
There are a lot of lovely places in New York that we would love to let the shades rest on in this article and get you introduced to all of them, but since they are really too many, we are going to start with the City Hall Station.
Well, whether you have ever heard about that place or not, it is more common that the first thing that might come onto your mind is that there actually is not anything unusual about the stations, but you actually should not jump to conclusions because this one, in particular, is actually deemed to be few and far between among all the other stations that are present in the city because guess what? This one has a plenty of CHANDELIERS!
Yes, that is certainly an offbeat and odd thing for a train station to possess, but, if you are up to any more surprises, we are actually ready to grant this wish for you. The magical station is not only limited to these beautiful chandeliers; there is another marvelous thing about it and that it the platform is made entirely of glass tiles. This station was set up in 1904 and lasted until the late 90’s, but, pitilessly, it closed for some unknown reasons, but the best part is that people are still allowed to visit and explore the spectacular station if they are members of NYC Transit Museum, which is actually the museum that is responsible for organizing tours.

2 The Dream House
The Dream House is an inventive arty house that was built back in 1993 by a lovely artistic couple that was composed of an artist and a composer. Apparently, their professions were the real motivation behind pushing them to build such an amazing house that, we believe, should actually have been named as The House of Art because this exceptional house represents all the main aspects of the uncanny arts, including both the visual and musical kind of arts. This place might not be an actual dream house, but it promises you an experience of a variety of new sentiments and thoughts as soon as you get to see the unpredictable flux and wavering of the neon pink light that make an appearance with every move that you make, besides; these spectacular lights are accompanied by a various echo of musical sounds. This place can’t actually get any more exciting, whether you are a big passionate for art or not, you cannot help, but experience a diversity of feelings that will leave you speechless and amazed.

3 The Grand Central Terminal
The Grand Central Terminal is known to be a shadowy place full of stealthy astonishment and surprises, but, in point of fact, that is not what we are trying to come to grips with here, but what we are actually trying to focus on is the tremendous gallery known as the Whispering Gallery. Let us tell you all the fancy details about this impressive place; first, it is located in a secretive corridor that is situated right underneath the Grand Central Terminal. This gallery has a remarkable name as well as a splendid possession and this possession is actually why it is described as the whispering; this corner of this place is provided with amazing auditory properties, making the corner work as a transmitter for the sounds and the voices, as they get sent across the other side of the hall. Yes! It is very interesting. These one of a kind properties reminded us of the horror movie named “The Hills Have Eyes”; a name that turned out to be true and it is pretty similar to an old saying that was popular among the Egyptians, which is “The Walls Have Ears”, and it turned out to be right as well. This saying leads us to become skilled at keeping our voices near to the ground, so strangers won’t hear our little secrets. Hush people! You have to keep your voices down; in case you have a secret you want to keep as it is.

4 The Gold Bar
Well, before we start telling you all about this shimmering bar, it is branded that gold is a lovable metal, not only by women, but also by every single person. For sure, some people would prefer other metals, but that does not change the fact that gold is pretty sparkling. Well, this bar is literally made entirely of gold; every inch on this place is precisely covered in that splendid costly metal and by every inch, we mean that even the walls are included, for they are covered in golden skills.
This magnificent place has not been around for a very long, for it was built in 2007 by Damien Hirst; an English artist, art collector, and entrepreneur as well, besides; he is not actually an ordinary artist; he has been the most eye-catching and prominent member of the Young British Artists and he also took the lead of most, in not all, of the art scenes all throughout the 90’s in the United Kingdom and, of course, this bar has been a clear evidence.
Although it is a significant place, there might not be much to be done there in it, but you can still enjoy your favorite beverage along the way while you are watching all the beautiful portraits that hang on the metallic, shiny walls.

5 The Rockefeller Center Rooftop Gardens
Ok, this time we need all the nature lovers to be gathered right here in order to get introduced to one of the most amazing places in New York City. First, we need to put emphasis on the fact that usually all gardens are beautiful and that they are splendid places to hang around, besides; when artists start laying their hands on these places, they never leave until they make sure they become stunningly and attractively designed. Well, if you are a lover of such naturally looking places, won’t you fall in love with a set of gardens that are located as high as on the rooftops instead of the ordinary ones that are located on the grounds? We are expecting the answer to be yes, because they are, without a doubt, more gorgeous and breathtaking. Well, that was an imagination of our own minds, this place actually exists and it is known as the Rockefeller Center’s Rooftop Gardens; this place actually possesses vast areas of gardens on its rooftops. You will definitely enjoy spending time in such a splendid, gleaming place while scrutinizing a beautiful view of New York City from a high point as well as the beauty of these gardens. Oh! And, for the record, there are pools over there, too. So how about taking a swim while watching the beauty that world has to offer?

Whether you are someone who loves exploring the hidden beauty that the universe holds or you are just more comfortable hanging around your familiar places, you cannot deny that there are some cities that are worth taking the risk of leaving behind your hometown and push yourself out of your comfort zone to see what you might be missing. You must know that New York is one of the cities that you would regret exploring and that was pretty obvious in that article, besides; all of the previously mentioned odd places are not the only locations you will need to roam about, but, in point of fact, New York City see, to have a lot more than that where you also need to head to. If you ever happen to consider roaming around the world, New York should be on the very top of your list.